The “Reg.A Money Show” Podcast Explains the New Crowdfunding Hybrid: Combining a Security Token Offering with Regulation A+

When you combine a Security Token Offering (STO) which is based on blockchain technology and add the Regulation A+ component, you now have a solution that may revolutionize the marketplace.

Las Vegas, NV, July 04, 2018 --( The Reg.A Funding Group announced today that they have published their latest “Reg.A+ Money Show” radio podcast which explains in detail why combining a Security Token Offering (STO) with a Regulation A+ offering may be the new crowdfunding hybrid that revolutionizes how businesses gain access to the capital markets.

In previous Reg.A Money Show podcasts, “hybrid offerings” were discussed as a mixture of institutional investors and main street investors. Now, the game has changed and the term “hybrids” is being referred to in a different light. Previously, when issuers thought of utilizing Regulation A+ or creating a STO, many thought you had to do one or the other. But what if the next generation of Reg.A+ Tier II offerings combined a common stock offering with an STO component as well? This podcast covers how this may work and what the benefits and advantages of such an idea are in real-world applications.

Besides being syndicated on the iHeartRadio Network, you can access the radio show podcast here:

Said “Reg.A Money Show” co-host Ron Costa, "While many are discussing STOs and Reg.A+ independently, the insights you’ll learn on this podcast putting these two concepts together will blow your mind, whether you’re a Reg.A+ investor, issuer, or play any part in the entire industry!”

About The Reg.A Money Show
The “Reg.A Money Show” provides information and Reg.A education from the founders over at the “Reg.A Funding Group” as well as market insights from a variety of industry experts who appear on the show as guests. The show is hosted by Ron Costa and Miguel Dotres, who bring a wealth of information in regards to Reg A+, SEC filings, social media marketing, and various other topics in an entertaining and informative format. The podcast is quickly emerging as a “must listen” to all those interested in issuing Reg.A paper or investors interested in participating in a company’s Regulation A+ offering.

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