IA-3134-U2i-P Same Powerful Rich Feature Solution, Compact & Space Saving

Online-Devices presenting a new, space saving solution from Intelligent-Appliance.

Houston, TX, July 07, 2018 --( When choosing a new relay controller and planning a new industrial automation application, there are many issues to be considered. Alongside the critical demands there are also the more technical mundane issues, such as identifying the application environmental conditions and choosing the best fitting relay board for the job accordingly.

Among the issues, one must consider there is the space issue. In other words, when designing an application, one asses how much physical space is needed for the relay board within the application, depending, of course, on the number of relays needed for the specific application. While some operations are large enough to contain any relay board, some operations has limited space and need a more compact solution.

To provide a solution, Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, created the IA-3134-U2i-P – a 16 channels DPDT USB or RS-232 Controlled relay board – exactly for these cases where 16 relays are enough and space is an issue.

This compact version of Intelligent-Appliance successful IA-3174-U2i-P – the 32 Channels DPDT USB and RS-232 Controlled relay board, carries all the features of the original controller in a space saving design:

· 16-ch DPDT Relay board
· Simple operation
· 6 Lines wired, DPDT
· 2Amp@30VDC, 0.5@ 115VAC
· 1, 8, 16 Relays control commands
· Thousands relays global commands
· High speed communication
· Bundled software utilities
· Open source examples
· Supports XP, Win7, Win10
· Transparent Multi-Drop system
· Built-in watchdog
· DIN-Rail or Wall mount
· 3 Years Warranty period
· Pluggable Terminal Blocks

The new space saving relay controller follows the principals set by Intelligent-Appliance in all its products. Like all IA-3000 series members, the IA-3134-U2i-P can be transparently chained, sharing the same Power Supply and resulting in latency free, slick, and efficient System.

The board is DIN-RAIL ready, and can also be wall mounted as needed.

Like all Intelligent Appliance products, the module is up to the highest standards - CE, FCC Approved, ROHS compliant.

As always, the new module comes fully supported by a software care package – rich .Net library, various open source examples, and software utilities, designed to make the integration and implementation of this module into the specific application as quick and easy as possible.

The new IA-3134-U2i-P compact module a part of the wide verity of feature rich, user friendly, and intelligent industrial relay boards developed and manufactured by Intelligent Appliance.

Additional options available:
IA-3174-U2i-P is a 32-ch DPDT version,
IA-3174-EP is a 32-ch DPDT Ethernet operated version
IA-3175-EP is an 8Amp 32-ch DPDT Ethernet operated version

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