Novim E-media Offering an Innovative Take on Marketing Using Technology

About Novim E-media: Novim E-media is a digital advertising company that is creating waves in the media industry. The company was established in November, 2017 and was able to implement different products and services such as the successful implantation of some digital screens at target locations in Haiti and Dominican Republic. Novim E-media is now expanding its tentacles to other Caribbean countries in few months.

Delmas, Haiti, July 11, 2018 --( Novim E-media, a reputable and innovative digital advertising company, is happy to inform both clients and non-clients in the Caribbean and Diaspora that it has successfully implemented new digital screens in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The company, created in November 2016 is installing digital screens across nations and now in the two Caribbean countries named Haiti and Dominican Republic. Novim E-media is creating a new strategy called The Smart City through the use of digital screens and this strategy will be extended to other Caribbean countries and cities in the coming month.

According to Ricardo Jebb Bruno, the new CEO in charge of implementing the Caribbean strategy called Smart City, “At a time when digital and social media, tablets, phones and computers are changing the way we communicate, Novim E-media is making the change by offering a friendly platform for various cities through the use of digital screens. This will help hotels and restaurants increase revenue, guest satisfaction and brand perception, while reducing marketing expenses.”

The Digital Advertising Company, Novim E-media is also pleased to announce Ricardo Jebb Bruno as the New CEO and managing Director. Ricardo Jebb Bruno is known as an ambitious entrepreneur and innovator who has acquired many years of experience in different companies of high reputation, both nationally and internationally. He has also taken key decisions that had made those companies increase in value and also increase in revenue.

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