Funmania: A New Arcade Center Emerges on iOS and Android

Moscow, Russia, July 13, 2018 --( Sugar Games releases Funmania on iOS and Android platforms. Being a time-manager by design, the game successfully combines captivating arcade elements, tricky economics, intriguing narrative that comes as a comic book and manually drawn nice graphics for immersive yet easy-to-learn gaming experience.

Sophie, a protagonist of the game, always had talents in throwing great parties and entertaining her friends. Then, she focused on her career and had to forget good old times for a while until recently some unexpected twist allowed Sophie to release her talents in a whole different way.

In Funmania, a player helps Sophie to open arcade centers all around the world. Starting her business from the luxury ocean liner on the way to her island, she expands to other locations including the city, the desert, tropics and even open space. The player should quickly fulfill wishes and demands of clients: start arcade machines they pick, play mini-games, and make sure every client is happy. If the player succeeds, Sophie receives Expert points and can upgrade her personal island with new facilities.

A large variety of mini-games makes Funmania so time-devouring. Extremely easy at first glance, they require attention, fast reaction and quick fingers. The player should sink pirate ships, flip-flop frogs, catch toys in a claw machine, make colorful ice-creams following the given example and so on.

The economy part of the game is no less captivating. Spending money earned from happy clients, the player upgrades the arcade salons, buy new arcade machines or improves existing ones, trains Sophie’s skills and manages personnel. Also, Sophie likes to text with friends (and occasionally foes), which is a significant part of the game as it moves the plot forward.

Pricing and availability

Funmania is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The application works on Android 4.0.3 or later and iOS 6.0 or later.


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About the company

Sugar Games develops family games for Windows, iOS and Android since 2004. The company focuses on time-management and puzzle genres. Among titles released by the company are Brownies, the Wedding Salon series, the Rainbow Web series and many others.
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