The Give Me Bad News Company Makes Life Easier, Provides Individuals and Small Businesses an All New Kind of Service

The Give Me Bad News Company is here to provide an all new kind of service to both individuals and businesses; Now any hard-to-make call can be outsourced to experts that will handle it professionally.

Maple Falls, WA, July 23, 2018 --( The Give Me Bad News Company is a new service that takes pride in handling the phone calls businesses and individuals don't want to deal with. With an owner that has over half a decade in call center experience, and a formal education in Psychology and Communications, this service is well prepared to help deliver that bad news people have trouble delivering. Any unpleasant phone calls in life that need to be made, whether personal or business, can now be outsourced to The Give Me Bad News Company. Letting a customer know that a product will be a week late for delivery and there is nothing that can be done about it; breaking up with a romantic partner; termination/lay-off phone call in conjunction with a mailed termination letter; telling an estranged friend how to get their belongings you have control of; club or organization denials; rejection phone calls for potential hires or room mates; or any other potentially unpleasant phone call can now be handled by filling out an online form; paying a small fee, and sitting back and enjoying life as the problem gets taken care of by someone else.

The Give Me Bad News Company is also trying to support the future of block-chain technology to be accepting some unique forms of payment. In addition to the standard debit and credit card payments they are currently accepting 4 forms of direct crypto-currency payments, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, and DigiByte. The unique prices for each currency are given on The Give Me Bad News Company web page along with instructions on how to pay with each type of crypto-currency.

The Give Me Bad News Company serves the USA only, and all orders and payments can be processed through their web site:

The Give Me Bad News Company is a service here to help relieve some of societies communication problems, by providing communication options that allow even the worst of news to get conveyed in a timely professional manner.
The Give Me Bad News Company
Jeremy Webb