California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center Selects BlackBeltHelp for Helpdesk Support

Chicago, IL, July 25, 2018 --( The California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center has selected BlackBeltHelp to support its objective of receiving high quality centralized help desk services for CCC system-wide software applications. BlackBeltHelp will replace the existing help desk provider and provide help desk support for CCC students and staff using these applications for 17 hours of each day.

As the current contract with the existing vendor expires in mid-September 2022, the CCC Technology Center issued a competitive RFP to secure a contract that provides a purchasing and pricing framework for help desk Services as needed to support certain CCC systemwide technology solutions. After several levels of scrutiny, the RFP evaluation committee selected BlackBeltHelp, over many different vendors, to support almost 80,000 interactions annually.

Support and advice will be accessible for the same inquiries answered by the existing provider, including:

Level 1 support for:

Technical Issues
Log In
Password Inquiries
Account Recovery

Supported Applications:

- OpenCCC Student Account
- CCCApply Application for Admission Suite
- CCCAssess Common Assessment for Placement
- Online Education Course Exchange
- System wide Student Services Portal
- And, other related system wide student services applications

Why BlackBelthelp 24x7 Technology Help Desk Support?

- Higher Education Focus (200+ Higher Education Clients) indicated their familiarity with Higher Education culture and Relationship Management Skills.
- Ability to support the entire learning ecosystem, including Learning Management System and Tech support.
- Flexibility to provide call overflow support during fall and spring semester beginning.
- Cost Effective Solution – 40% less expensive than any other vendor.
- End User Satisfaction – 24x7 support with multi-modality i.e. call, email, chat, web forms.
- Business Continuity – Internal Knowledge-base created by BlackBeltHelp aids business continuity and sound training for existing staff.

Original Source:
Ron Bhalla
+1 844-255-2358
55 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603