GEXTURAS: A Solo Exhibition by Marco Caridad

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 09, 2018 --( Beginning August 3rd through August 31st, the BDO gallery from the artistic promotion center ArtServe will be the stage for the artworks from the solo exhibition GEXTURAS to express to the public the passion and symbology of the Latin culture; protagonists of the paintings of the multidisciplinary artist Marco Caridad.

The title GEXTURAS represents the combination of gestures and textures, both characteristic elements of Caridad’s paintings. Gestures themselves represent a way for humans being to communicate, as well as art does. Therefore, by mixing gestures with textures, the Latin artist seeks to name his unique and original style.

In this opportunity, his pieces will be an extension of the passion and love that the artist feels while he is making his paintings. He also combines symbols of Latin American rituals, giving, as a result, a very interesting and colorful artwork, which at the same time is full of history and traditions of his Latin roots.

For example: the colors of these pieces are representative of Carabobo Street in Maracaibo, Venezuela; place where the artist grew up. Also, the candles represent the belief towards the saints, characteristic of Latin people.

The multidisciplinary artist Marco Caridad promises that in his exhibition GEXTURAS "a process of depuration of my artistic pieces will be appreciated, in which the predominant textures will vanish to reach a minimalist proposal" But, the distinctive elements of the artist will be always on his paintings: coffee, candle residue, chalk, plaster, acrylics, paper in wood and cement.

Art can be perceived by more than one sense. That’s why GEXTURAS exhibition will have video arts and installations intervened by the artist, whose purpose is to evoke in the audience each of the senses in an abstract and artistic way.

The opening was on Friday, August 3th at 6:00 PM. During this night, the singer Tommy Sleiman gave a live performance.
Marco Caridad