Introducing the New Genre Hopping Hip Hop Group, Chapterhouse. This Self Titled Sonic Sandbox is Chapterhouse’s Debut Full Length Project.

Announcing the formation of the new group, “Chapterhouse”; Announcing the release of their first single, “R.E.M.I.” August 1, 2018; Announcing the release of their first self titled album, “Chapterhouse” August 3, 2018; Announcing the release of singles, “Cheyenne, Wyoming” and “Hank Green” with 100% of profits to benefit the Foundation to Decrease World Suck August 3, 2018.

Bee Cave, TX, August 04, 2018 --( Spawned out of central Texas just west of Austin, this young, high energy group brings a fresh perspective to the rap scene. The group, Chapterhouse, breaks the tradition of the “materialistic” rapper and commits 100% of profits from two singles released off their self titled debut album to the, Foundation to Decrease World Suck, a MT non-profit corporation with 501(c)3 status. Exhibiting a high degree of maturity and discipline the group members are old friends most having met in middle school they grew into musicians together allowing for an excellent working relationship.

Founding member, Benjamin Gillespie, aka “***benjamin***” adeptly serves the group as beatmaker, lyricist, vocalist and audio engineer with the group making final mastering decisions for the entire 14 track project.. Right hand man, Riley Knight, aka “tec-Lep” delivers dramatic flows and sharp lyrical wit with introspective insight and honest social commentary on thirteen tracks. Eli Cortez, aka “tez” delivers verses with a velvet smooth voice laced with a sarcastic tone on four tracks and Travis Coakley, aka “Praxis” also on four tracks brings a lyrically rich, uniquely literal perspective to his verses.

***benjamin***'s father's house in the Hill Country west of Austin represents the figurative chapterhouse for the group: a nourishing, writing, recording and sleeping space for all members. The sound of this project ranges from industrial and experimental rap bangers all the way to synth pop esque hip-hop. Utilizing analogue synth brass, live guitar and bass, sequenced drumming and a flat but very clean vocal mix, this project showcases the versatility of Chapterhouse’s sound as well as an uninhibited conceptual and creative quality that does not seem to be leaving anytime soon.

The first single, REMI, pairs a persistent and punchy distorted 808 bassline with high pitched rings and synthesizers remicent of sirens. Melodies syncopate with the steady walking drum line for a warped, melodic and rising feeling. Aggressive vocal delivery from each member on “R.E.M.I.” and their braggadocious tongue-in-cheek tone and lyrics encourage a rising excitement while simultaneously communicating the band’s sense of humor. For “R.E.M.I.” the instrumental and a majority of the vocals were completed in one day. This represented a turning point for the group; Chapterhouse had identified a streamlined and efficient process they continue to refine today. This new approach has resulted in a prolific creative period with the group composing and producing over a dozen tracks that are vying for inclusion on their second full length project that’s ontrack to release, October 1, 2018.

Singles and album available at: and Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Instagram & Facebook (beta), Google Play & YouTube Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster (beta), iHeartRadio (beta), ClaroMúsica, Saavn, Anghami (beta), KKBox (beta), MediaNet and 150+ smaller outlets.

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