Innovative & Unique SEO Extension for Magento 2: JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking

Avoiding Duplicate Content and optimizing Crawl-Budget due to Layered Navigation as well as optimizing Linkjuice and Internal Link Structure by applying Link-Masking with PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) Method.

Stuttgart, Germany, August 07, 2018 --( Being the first of its kind, JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension for Magento 2 is a truly innovative and unique SEO Extension. By introducing the PRG Pattern (Post-Redirect-Get Pattern) to the Magento eco-system, it allows merchants to utilize this cutting edge on-site SEO technique with any Magento 2 store.

JaJuMa GmbH is a Magento and E-Commerce Agency focusing on solutions around Magento, from Multi-Vendor Marketplaces, Online Stores, Magento Extensions for improved SEO, User Experience, performance etc., to PIM Systems and more. JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension has been added to this portfolio to cover Clients need to improve their SEO, particularly to fix SEO issues related to Layered Navigations.

Avoid (Near-) Duplicate Content and Save Crawling Budget

Almost every Magento store uses a Layered Navigation (also called Filter Navigation) to allow customers to find the right products easily. The downside of this feature are negative effects regarding SEO, namely (Near-) Duplicate Content and wasted Crawling Budget.

Other than traditional SEO techniques often recommended to address these issues (e. g. Meta Robots / Canonical URL / Robots.txt / Rel "NoFollow"), the PRG Pattern approach is able to fix these problems effectively in a holistic and elegant way.

Cutting Edge SEO Strategy to Make a Difference

Most SEO Extensions, recommendations and tutorials focus all on the same measures:
keywords, Meta data, content, link building… etc.
Of course, each of these are important for reaching good rankings, but while everyone is already optimizing regarding these points, it is difficult to make a difference and stand out compared to the competition.
The PRG Pattern being still a rather unknown SEO method only familiar to SEO experts provides a perfect opportunity to surpass and distinguish Magento stores from competitors.

Easy To Use

Despite the great benefits, JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension for Magento 2 is very easy to use and does not require any expert knowledge.

Furthermore the extension comes with 100% unencrypted source code, making it easy to further customize by adding features or adapting to individual needs.

Continuous development & Improvements

What’s more JaJuMa team of developers is constantly working on the improvement and updating of JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension to make it even better for your Magento store.

Furher Information:

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JaJuMa GmbH
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