KDG’s Small Business IT Support Team Addresses “Foreshadow” Attack

The small business IT support team at KDG is warning customers about the tech world’s latest security vulnerability.

Allentown, PA, August 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The Allentown small business IT support team at KDG is helping clients understand the newly discovered “Foreshadow” vulnerability. Discover by Intel, “Foreshadow” is a vulnerability in core processors. Both computer and cloud data is at risk of being stolen.

“Foreshadow” is being compared in scope and method to 2018’s earlier Spectre meltdown because it affects the hardware of a computer. However, researchers seemed to identify the vulnerability before any real-world data could actually be stolen.

While no “real-world exploit” has been discovered, KDG is still helping clients take steps to protect their valuable data.

“We’re recommending that desktop and laptop users update their devices immediately,” says Patrick Whalen, head technical analyst at KDG. “Linux and Windows users also have updates available, while cloud platforms from Google and Amazon released automatic updates.”

Whalen recommends that clients do not stop at one update.

“Install regular updates,” he says. “Those users who have kept up to date with their updates are much safer against breaches than users who only update their devices when a vulnerability is found.”

Clients and other business owners are encouraged to contact KDG’s small business tech management team if they have any questions.

To learn more about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, visit KDG’s site: lhttps://www.kyledavidgroup.com/blog/intel-security-vulnerability/.

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