It Doesn't Matter How Organized Your Slides Are, Duplication Media Can Help

Duplication Media has received an increase in slide orders to be digitized for the Summer of 2018.

Des Moines, IA, August 28, 2018 --( 35mm slides are the small, positive pieces of film, normally about 1.375" by .875," held by rectangles of cardboard or plastic so that they end up as 2 inch squares. They can be viewed with small hand viewers by projecting them onto a screen.

Duplication Media, a video duplication and transfer service located in Urbandale, Iowa, has been helping people preserve their precious memories for almost 15 years with their 35mm slide digitizing service. Jason Olson, owner of Duplication Media, says that customers bring in their slides in many different ways. Some orders are meticulously organized on slide carousel trays or boxes where the customer knows exactly what is on each slide and what order they go in. Some customers inherit the slides from their grandparents and they have no idea what is on them. While others bring in grocery bags full of slides and say, “See what can be done with these.”

“The more organized customers are, the better. But it is much easier to group them into categories after they’re digitized so if a customer has no idea what’s on their slides, they’re definitely not out of luck,” said Olson. This video could help customers get organized

Many customers come to Duplication Media with no idea where to start. They have hundreds of slides in shoe boxes or slide carousels that have not been viewed in years. In order for a person to view their slides to sort them, they will need a projector or a slide viewer. Many people either no longer have a projector, or at least one that still works. Duplication Media rents out their slide sorters to customers, that way they can choose what memories are worth preserving. Once sorted, they return our slide sorter as well as their selected slides to be digitized. A customer might have 25 slides of Mount Rushmore, but only need one. That’s where the slide sorter comes in handy.

“One particular customer started with more than 10,000 slides and after going through them he eliminated duplicates, eliminated pictures of trees and roads, and trimmed his number of slides down to 2,000,” said Olson.

Christmas is typically the busiest time of year for slide transfers at Duplication Media. But for some reason, the summer of 2018 has been busier than most holiday seasons. This summer, the company has seen customers’ trips from the 1960s to Japan, Australia, and more. Without these memories digitized, they may have never been seen again.

Duplication Media’s slide scanning service is done professionally and with care. The slide scanning device eliminates scratches on photographic film or slides, restores accurate color and improves an image’s overall appearance by minimizing the visual noise known as grain. Duplication Media has the ability to analyze a film’s unique grain pattern, pull important features of image quality, color, and sharpness and then remove the grain from the scanned image. This greatly enhances the visual impact of the final scanned image.

Duplication Media’s slide scanning service is the most time-consuming process of any of service that they offer. Each slide is handled one-at-a-time and our scanner keeps scanning each slide back and forth making the necessary corrections to give their customers the best possible image. It does not matter how organized or unorganized a customer’s slides are. Whether they have one single slide or thousands, Duplication Media is able to help.

Once the slides are digitized, the possibilities are endless what can be done with them. The photographs can be printed, e-mailed to family members, slide shows created, or uploaded to social media.

After the slides are digitized, customers receive a CD/DVD that has each slide as its own individual JPEG image. Duplication Media can also transfer them to a hard drive. For only $25 more customers receive a DVD slide show where each slide is on the screen for 5-6 seconds each. Duplication Media can also create a slide show with special effects and music for $1.50 per slide.

More information about our slide transfer service, including prices on Duplication Media’s website
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