Koriander Publishing Expands Distribution

The upstart company forms partnerships in order to expand it's platform to new readers worldwide.

Michigan City, IN, August 27, 2018 --(PR.com)-- As part of an ongoing project to expand distribution to a broader base of readers, Koriander Publishing is proud to announce that select paperback titles from the small upstart publisher will now be available on BAM! Books-A-Million for digital and in-store ordering.

Titles include Wrestling Between Ake and Bullard and the Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Black and White light novel series.

Wrestling Between Ake and Bullard is a fully illustrated wrestling themed art book, which follows author Koriander Bullard through various pro wrestling jokes, stories and anecdotes, featuring a who’s who of wrestlers young and old.

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is a series of partially illustrated books aimed at adults, which follows the title character as she enters college, finds new friends and discovers her role as a hunter, sent by alien gods to fight demons and protect the citizens of Japan. The series tackles difficult subject matter, social issues and mental health, while also providing action packed storytelling, comedy and romance.

All three books are also available for in-store ordering and digital distribution via Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon in various paperback and digital formats worldwide.

In addition to expanding to a more global market, Koriander Publishing’s owner and founder Koriander Bullard is also pleased to announce several lucrative partnerships.

Koriander’s first ever young adult story; Solstice for the Changeling, will debut in the anthology book Summer Solstice from A Writer for Life Publishing LLC in time for the back to school season. The anthology features supernatural stories from a wide variety of authors, including C.L. Williams, Phillip Shadordragon, DJ Shaw, Puera Omallia, Maggie Lowe, PS Harris, Chandra Trulove Fry and Cynthia Stanton, a newcomer lighting up Amazon’s bestseller list with her recent autobiographical release of A Life Lived, Not Lost.

Solstice for the Changeling follows a teenager named Maarika, who quickly discovers that the fireflies in her backyard are linked with a hidden fairy kingdom in peril. The girl discovers that her cold and somewhat abusive family are not her true relatives, but in order to be reunited with her real family, she must first combat a powerful dragon who has within his possession the key to freeing Maarika from a lifetime of misery.

October will see the release of a new series of anthology books from Hydra Productions LLC with the working title 42 And Beyond. This series is focused on daring science fiction stories from a growing list of authors, with Koriander Bullard set to debut in the flagship book. Tentative rating for the series is PG-13.

Koriander’s story Didn’t I Tell You Not To Leave Your Towel, is a comedy of errors written in tribute to Douglas Adams. The story follows a pair of treasure hunting twins who set off with a bootleg map to recover the lost Aviary Chest. Along the way, they make a bad enemy out of a twin trunked alien named Maddox, who is seeking the treasure as part of a planned business deal.

In addition to working with Hydra Productions LLC with this new series comes a partnership with Koriander Publishing’s founder Koriander Bullard, as she is now working with PA and fellow author Chandra Truelove Fry. Chandra, who recently launched the children’s book Dinky Duck and the Lizards and the Christian novella Maid of Virtue, has been helping Koriander reach new readers through her highly sought after services.

As they begin to venture towards the fourth quarter of 2018, Koriander Publishing is currently exploring other avenues to reach new customers and to streamline shopping options for customers from all walks of life.

About Koriander Publishing:
Koriander Publishing started in February of 2017, and recently moved operations to Indiana. It was founded by Koriander Bullard and specializes in editing and affordable publication. For more information, please visit www.korianderake.com

About Hydra Productions LLC:
Hydra Productions was formed by the couple Raven and Eric, and specializes in PA services, high quality book covers, formatting, editing and distribution. For more information, please visit www.hydraproductionsonline.com

About A Writer For Life LLC:
A Writer for Life LLC was founded by Emily Piland, and specializes in graphic design, book publication, cover design, formatting and editing. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/AWriterForLife/

About Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter:
Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is a series of illustrated light novel books, digital publications and apparel aimed at adults who grew up watching Japanese Anime. The series follows the title character Kiana “Ki-Chan” Chan as she discovers she and her new friends have been created specifically to fight demons in the Saitama prefecture of Japan. For more information, please visit http://www.ki-chan.org
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