Chicagoland Championship Wrestling Joins Highspots Wresting Network

In a distribution deal with Koriander Publishing, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling joins the world's largest wrestling library with Highspots Wrestling Network. - February 05, 2021

Chicagoland Championship Wrestling Expands Distribution to Amazon Prime, FITE TV and Powered4 TV

In conjunction with Koriander Publishing and Pro Wrasslin Shoots, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling brings new television programming to the UK and to the United States. - December 03, 2020

Chicagoland Championship Wrestling Comes to Pro Wrestling Tees

With artwork provided by Koriander Publishing, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling launches a new line of apparel on Pro Wrestling Tees, the largest wrestling merchandise website currently operating. - March 05, 2020

Koriander Publishing Comes to Half Price Books

With a special focus on lower income readers, Koriander Publishing's top titles are now available at one of America's most philanthropic retail establishments with an expansion to 127 stores nationwide. - March 03, 2020

Koriander Publishing Provides Video for Chicagoland Championship Wrestling

Bringing a family friendly televised product, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling looks ahead to April for their inaugural event. - February 20, 2020

Koriander Publishing Expands Distribution

The upstart company forms partnerships in order to expand it's platform to new readers worldwide. - August 27, 2018

Koriander Publishing Produces Second Title in the Ki-Chan Demon Hunter Series

The second installment in the Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter franchise makes it's dramatic debut in the literary world with an in-depth new story and a new villain. - November 02, 2017

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Hits Amazon

An exciting, action packed new book series has hit, following a rag-tag group of demon hunters send by alien gods. The book is the first in a major series from independant Koriander. - February 02, 2017

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