Pastor John Collins Announces John Collins Ministries

Evangelist Pastor John Collins continues to build the foundation of the revival of faith around the world and announces the launch of John Collins Ministries, a new ministry to redeem the Gospel of Jesus Christ, be the “voice of the voiceless” and change the face of Christianity.

Los Angeles, CA, August 30, 2018 --( Over the past few months, Pastor John Collins began a regular Sunday morning broadcast on a small internet radio station. Beginning with 400 listeners and a 10 a.m. Mountain Time slot on, the program quickly grew and has now expanded to AM and FM stations across the country with over 4 million listeners. Currently broadcasting at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Mountain Time on Sundays, it continues to grow with each broadcast, reaching around the world to countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Russia, and North Korea.

More people are seeking truth and hope through the Word of God, and not enough pastors are preaching the truth of the Gospel. The Gospel has been watered down and used to serve man, rather than used to serve God. Pastor John Collins never sugar coats what he preaches and he delivers his messages with passion and stands on the Gospel as it is written in the Holy Bible. The Bible was written as a clear guideline for how to live life and serve God, and now the Gospel which is the teaching of Jesus Christ needs to be redeemed. Pastor John Collins through John Collins Ministries is spreading revival, preaching hope and truth, and redeeming the Gospel with fervor and enthusiasm like no one else.

Pastor John is like no other preacher in the United States today. He has been tested and tried by God to determine his commitment, he has endured financial hardships, lost friends, lost family, has endured the criticism of many, and countless people have challenged him and his love of God and Jesus Christ. None of the challenges or obstacles that he encountered ever deterred Pastor John. He stayed true to God and Jesus Christ and has been faithful. Nothing has stopped him from serving God who called him. Everything that Pastor John has endured will stand as witness and help others come to know the power of God and the Cross.

To Pastor John, the bible is clear and it is time for us to “wake up and get right with God.” He knows the suffering and humiliation that Jesus went through for us and is determined to bring people to the Cross. Pastor Collins is not interested in selectively choosing parts of the Bible in order to represent a gospel that would appeal to the masses and generate huge donations. He is interested in saving souls and believes that only the absolute truth in the word of God will do that.

John Collins Ministries and Pastor John Collins are determined to redeem the Gospel, change the face of Christianity, be the voice of the voiceless and continue to give a hand up, not a hand out. More can be seen about John Collins Ministries Pastor John is honest, blunt, transparent, outspoken, and dedicated to serving God, Jesus and living the Gospel. It is time for change, and that time is now. If you wish to contact to schedule a revival with John Collins Ministries, you can reach Pastor John Collins at

"We messed this world up one person at a time, one church at a time. Now we're here to fix it one person at a time, one church at a time." -Pastor John Collins, Evangelist, John Collins Ministries.
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