For Indie Rap Artists, MyMy Hip Hop Generating More Plays in Less Time Than Music’s Biggest Platforms

Innovative Streaming Service Out-Delivers SoundCloud and YouTube.

For Indie Rap Artists, MyMy Hip Hop Generating More Plays in Less Time Than Music’s Biggest Platforms
Atlanta, GA, August 30, 2018 --( As a famous rapper once said, numbers don’t lie. MyMy Hip Hop, the online home of independent hip hop and emerging grassroots talent, has stats that prove that its innovative streaming platform is changing the game for artists by generating more plays, in far less time, than SoundCloud or YouTube. MyMy is giving artists artists what they want and need most: exposure.

MyMy Hip Hop is the first streaming platform to utilize "blind judging" which enables listeners to critique the music and control the catalog, creating a true community around the art. On MyMy, artists are valued for their talent – not their social media reach – and according to the artists themselves, statistics from the site prove it works. The community of promoters and fans that have embraced the platform are driving spins for performers at a rate that is outpacing some of the biggest music resources on the internet.

In only 21 days post judging, rapper Chillah Rose reports that his track “I’m The Man” was played 1,390 times on MyMy Hip Hop after receiving just 300 spins on SoundCloud in eight months. Joe Grizz loaded his track “In Case You Forgot” to SoundCloud six months ago and received only 83 plays. On MyMy Hip Hop, the same track exploded to 2,207 plays in just 24 days. In four months on SoundCloud, Thee Joekr’s “MVP” earned 72 spins, but in less than a month the track was played 1,454 times on MyMy Hip Hop.

Mike Baker, a.k.a., MKEBKE, a 25-year-old performer based in Kentucky, reported similar results for his partner, co-producer and fellow rapper SyrpGOD (Jason Maples, 23). “SyrpGOD got almost 3,000 plays in three days from MyMy, and only had 100 on YouTube after three weeks,” said Baker. “Getting reps like this on MyMy Hip Hop definitely helps get us out there.”

Minneapolis rapper DeAundre Dent agreed. "When I was searching for a platform to test material, I found MyMy and now I’m getting plays from fans all over the world,” he said. “My new project has more plays on MyMy than any other platform. It’s the perfect place for a musician to grow.”

In 2017, MyMy Hip Hop became the first streaming service to introduce blind judging. The patent-pending feature allows any listener to judge tracks, but no information about the artist’s name, age, appearance, hometown or influences can impact the listener’s verdict. The track lives or dies on the merit of the music alone. There is no more authentic way to measure the popular appeal of original, unreleased music.

“We are new, but traffic on the platform is strong and growing,” said MyMy HipHop COO Shawn Pouliotte. “We wanted to create a community where the listeners drove the shape of the catalog rather than just mimic what is already tracking in Billboard. We started with blind judging and we continue to add other innovative features. We want do things differently and give our artists a powerful roadmap for success.”

MyMy Hip Hop will soon be releasing details about its showcase at the A3C Festival & Conference in Atlanta, Oct. 3-7, one of the most important hip-hop industry events of the year.

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