Top Home Remodeling Services Offered by Renovaten - A Startup Company

The home improvement and renovation industry are growing and updating in the era of technology and innovation. The old concept of performing home renovation and hiring a contractor for it has been modernized with the time and now is done while just sitting at home. Similarly, recently, a new platform “Renovaten” is launched that is looking to improve the previously used “hiring a pro” system.

Lake Mary, FL, September 05, 2018 --( “Renovaten” is a startup company launched by a well-known entrepreneur in the USA named Usman Khan. The company aims to upgrade the concept of Home Advisors and Mr. Handyman. They are offering a platform for homeowners in the US to connect with professional renovation contractors nearest to their location. The company is expecting to surpass its competitors as they possess an updated system.

Placing bids for renovation contractors:

The company enables homeowners to hire seasoned and experienced contractors by using an online platform. It offers a convenient system to contractors through which they can place bids to purchase the contract requests posted by customers. Homeowners only need to complete a requirement gathering procedure regarding their renovation work and their location through a simple lead generation process. Contractors then bid for the lead and they are provided the contact details of the customer shortly after a confirmation message.

Professional scrutiny system:

The company has a well-managed and professional contractor’s scrutiny system through which the execution and performance of the renovation contractors registered in the system are established upon customer’s reviews. The profile of the contractor is strongly affected by the type of comments and ratings provided by the customers. They can be terminated from the system in case of continuous negative feedback. Moreover, homeowners are also facing the issue of late arrival by the contractors hired through other similar companies. The Company solves this problem by only allowing the contractors to bid on an area that is found near the location of the customer.

Service Disciplines:

The company looks for the completion of small home renovation projects. The area of its services start from interior portions of the home such as kitchen, bathroom or TV lounge, etc. Similarly, the work related to outdoor remodeling is also performed. The services its contractors provide are mainly installation, refinish, repair or the maintenance of products and features of the home.

Marketing strategies:

The company operates 24/7. Their aim is to extend their activities all over the globe. However, the company is now operating only in the US market since its launch. The head office of the company is in Lake Mary, Florida.

You can contact the management of the company by visiting its website
Usman Khan
Mobile: +1-407-747-2808