Greenline POS and Budvue Media Announce the Signing of an Integration Partnership to Create a Streamlined Live Menu Board System for Cannabis Retailers

Vancouver, Canada, September 02, 2018 --( The integration between Greenline POS’ retail inventory management software and Budvue’s live digital menu boards will, undoubtedly, be a significant enhancement to in-store operations and marketing.

This integration allows Budvue to leverage Greenline’s point-of-sale system to display dynamic, customizable content on the retailer's menu board. Retailers have the ability to choose what items are displayed on-screen and can add product flags for featured, new, or on sale items. The integration allows for retailers to easily update their point-of-sale system and while the system automatically recognizes inventory levels to ensure only products that are in-stock are being displayed.

The partnership helps retailers facilitate growth and customer interaction. All data from Greenline POS’ system and any promotions or deals directly feed into the menu boards to increase basket space and customer interest. The integration also allows store managers to manage multiple screens all from one central place.

Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point-of-sale and inventory management solutions for Canadian cannabis retailers (in store and online). Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide an automated way for retailers to meet their compliance needs.

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Budvue is a leader in the digital signage and menu board space for the cannabis industry. A division of Clickspace, which has been operating in the hospitality industry since 1998. With a best-in-class graphics and animation team, Budvue works closely with each individual client to ensure the best possible design to enhance the brand of each client. We are experts at in-store marketing and are dedicated to increasing store sales through increased basket sizes, product awareness, and advertising revenue.

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