Week Plan Introduces OKRs Module to Help Users Achieve Their Most Important Goals, Releases Faster Android App

The popular priority planner for effective people and teams launches new OKRs module and faster Android app for its 420K active users.

Sydney, Australia, September 06, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Week Plan, the fast-growing online planner for effective people and teams is introducing a new module called OKRs, short for Objectives and Key Results, a framework for determining and measuring goals and results. OKRs are used at Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Airbnb, Spotify, Walmart.

Existing users of Week Plan on WeekPlan.net can now enjoy the module that promises to help individuals and teams achieve their most important goals by determining what they want to achieve (objective) and how they intend to get it (key results).

"We have always been about helping figure out what matters to you, and often what matters is what makes you progress towards your goals and vision," says Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli, founder of Week Plan. "So we decided to invest more in the goals space, by applying the OKR methodology."

OKRs was popularized by venture capitalist John Doerr who learned about the concept of OKRs while working at Intel. Doerr also introduced OKRs to Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The rest, as they say, is history.

In addition to the new OKRs module, Week Plan is also announcing a faster Android app. The latest update promises to deliver a faster, seamless experience for its users.

"We've made the decision to store your files in the application package instead of being loaded on the fly. This means you'll have a faster, seamless experience on your Android device," adds Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli.

The update is available to download for all Android devices starting today.

About Week Plan

Week Plan was founded by Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli in 2010. The online planner was born from Aymeric's own struggles in managing his time working full-time as a software development consultant while managing several apps with millions of users. Watch this video to learn more about his story.

Week Plan runs under the Australian company, Wise Labs. For press inquiries, please email aymeric@wiselabs.net. The online planner can be accessed at weekplan.net.
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