Telecom26 Implements BroadForward’s Intelligent Routing and Interworking Technology to Enable Global Multi-Network Connectivity

Global connectivity mobile operator Telecom26 adopts the BroadForward Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), providing a single software solution to enable cross-border, multi-network, multi-operator telecom services.

Amersfoort, Netherlands, September 05, 2018 --( Telecom26, a Swiss-based single source provider of multi-network global connectivity, today announced it has implemented the BroadForward Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller (BroadForward DSC) as a pivotal part of their Next Generation Mobile Services Platform. The solution enables advanced multi-protocol routing and interworking for roaming and data services across different types of access networks (Mobile, Fixed, Wi-Fi and satellite) and across signaling technology borders (SS7, Diameter, RADIUS, SIP, HTTP).

The BroadForward solution empowers Telecom26 to provide multi-IMSI services such as Profile Management, Device Authentication, Network Steering and Global Roaming across industries, with a primary focus on enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) for Healthcare. Example is the recent launch by Telecom26 of a digital connectivity service for the global health community with the non-profit Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND). This first-of-its-kind service, named SIMplicity, is aimed at reducing the burden of sourcing and managing SIM cards for use in connected healthcare devices, including diagnostics equipment, in underserved and low resource settings.

The BroadForward Next Generation DSC provides Telecom26 with a multi-protocol routing and interworking solution that is easy to use and configure. The software solution is designed to orchestrate converged signaling services across 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, satellite and Wi-Fi networks. The BroadForward DSC enables Telecom26 to offer high availability services across technologies and ensure geographic redundant operations.

Mike Ashdown, CEO of Telecom26 commented, “We required a signaling software solution that is designed to enable integration and resolve interoperability issues across multiple technologies, vendors, and service providers. The BroadForward DSC uniquely empowers Telecom26 to create services on networks that other operators struggle to achieve, resulting in further innovation and faster implementation of services.”

“Telecom26 provides a unique service, enabling connectivity in some of the most remote and isolated places in the world. The BroadForward Next Generation DSC ensures Telecom26 can achieve reliable and seamless connectivity for its customers, making it possible to deliver converged services in the hyper-connected IoT world,” added Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward.

About Telecom26
Telecom26 is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and is a cross border mobile network operator providing connectivity solutions to global corporations, manufacturers and maritime customers worldwide. Telecom26 leverages a vast global network of over 900 roaming partners to enable unique mobile services powered by a fully owned and managed mobile network core. Through the utilization of its Next Generation Mobile Services Platform and accompanying APIs, Telecom26 has become an innovator in the enablement of the Internet of Things and the preferred customer’s choice for global IoT connectivity.

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About BroadForward
BroadForward is leader in intelligent routing and interworking software for 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi, IPX and M2M networks. BroadForward delivers a portfolio of Next Generation signaling products and network applications, offering products for routing, interworking, security, number portability and signaling orchestration. BroadForward’s active 5G roadmap supports service providers with their network transition to Next Generation Core, with HTTP/2 Proxy, Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), 4G-5G interworking and multi-protocol signaling orchestration. All BroadForward products are hardware-agnostic and support network virtualization, OpenStack and cloud deployment. BroadForward’s software development is entirely done in The Netherlands.

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