Express Waybill Software Streamlines Dispatch and Delivery for Trucking Businesses

Express Waybill has examined each part of the process of dispatch and delivery and used their findings to formulate real-time trucking dispatch software that will give managers and employees of trucking businesses something to dance about.

Express Waybill Software Streamlines Dispatch and Delivery for Trucking Businesses
Laval, Canada, September 07, 2018 --( The flexible, easy-to-use software will empower trucking businesses to take a more proactive approach to operational issues, improve communication and customer relationships, increase productivity, and reduce time wasted.

As a result, they could benefit from an increase in their bottom line.

“The old way of doing business with Excel files is just not working anymore,” said Adrian Plopeanu at Express Waybill. “Nowadays, trucking companies can’t survive without a good dispatch software solution. Our intermodal dispatch software helps you to organize your clients, drivers, equipment, orders and invoicing so you maintain complete control every step of the way.”

Experts in the trucking industry, Express Waybill a Canadian business based in Quebec. Recognizing that profit margins per-load are lower than ever for trucking companies, they focused their attention on developing software that will increase productivity and efficiency in the container transport business. The denouement of their labour is intermodal dispatch software that improves every stage of the dispatch and delivery process, from the initial communication between the dispatcher and the driver, to the customer’s ability to track their delivery in real-time, to the creation of invoices, to capturing the customer’s signature on delivery for onward transmission to the dispatcher.

"Our clients have had great success using Express Waybill in terms of cutting down the unnecessary communication and paperwork in the dispatch office which saves a lot of money on time, data entry, and other administrative functions," said James Johnstone, president of Gael Management.

With no software to install, and no databases or servers to maintain, Express Waybill is a web-based app that is accessed from the user’s browser. Authorized users simply enter their login details on the secure SSL website. As many of a business’s offices are able to access the account as is necessary, no matter where they are in the world. Data is secured with an SSL encryption certificate and backed up on a daily basis.

A real-time dispatch and automatic billing system, advantages for trucking companies are numerous. Trucking businesses can see precisely where drivers are with Google maps integration. They can also keep track of administrative details like driver license expirations and trailer inspection due dates. Drivers can plan routes to account for more efficient driving times. In addition, the trucking dispatch software creates and saves delivery invoices in Portable Document Format (PDF), which means a paperless office could become a reality.

“Life will be much easier for employees because invoices and orders will be easy to search for and locate. That means no more searching for missing documents and a huge improvement in the accountability and work pride of your employees,” enthused Rick Amar at Express Waybill. “Plus, you get free continuous lifetime updates, and we are offering free, dedicated after-sales support for three months. We think that could make employees really happy - and give them something to dance about!”

A free mobile app for drivers is available on iPhone and Android. The app is connected to the dispatch software, effectively reducing communication between drivers and dispatchers by 85 percent, says Express Waybill.

Express Waybill intermodal dispatch software is a turnkey solution. The software integrates with leading shipping companies and accounting software.

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