Composer Premieres 6-Sided Keyboard & Reimagines Museum Through Music, Performance Art, Cosplay and Scavenger Hunt

Explore music and performance art in all corners of the museum highlighted by a scavenger hunt, cosplay and grand finale of the 6-sided Keyboard. Composer, Nathan Felix has assembled an eclectic group of musicians and performers, such as Justin Boyd & From Those Who Follow the Echoes, who will use the theme of “electro” and “synthesizer” for their original compositions.

San Antonio, TX, September 12, 2018 --( Explore live music, performance art, a scavenger hunt and the 6-sided keyboard

Explore music and performance art in all corners of the San Antonio Museum of Art on Saturday October 6th from 3pm to 5pm. The brainchild of composer, Nathan Felix, this exploratory, immersive production titled, "Yachting with the Kennedy’s," showcases an array of local talent that will come together to create a world within SAMA. The basis of Yachting with the Kennedy’s is creating this surrealistic world by placing musicians, performers and costumed characters in various gallery spaces in the museum, where attendees can explore and engage. Those who dare enter this world will also be encouraged to participate in a scavenger hunt in which discovering clues can activate secret performances. Performers include sound artists Justin Boyd, Xavier Gilmore, local street choir From Those Who Follow the Echoes, dancers Fa Winsborough and Suhail Arastu and several other performers and actors. The finale will be new works from Felix performed on a 1970’s vintage 6-sided keyboard. This unique vintage keyboard has six key stations with different outputs which will allow Felix to create a surround sound experience in the Great Hall at SAMA. Inspired by director, Luis Buñuel’s Le Fantôme de la liberté, each of the six pianists will use a gold toilet as their piano bench and each will be dressed in full regalia.

Nathan Felix is the San Antonio winner of the “2018 Tobin Prize for Artistic Excellence,” and the 2018 Best Public Art Display for his "Opera on a Bus." His symphonies have been premiered in Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark, Mongolia and the United States and his music has been featured on BBC, MTV, NPR & PBS.

For more information/photos on Yachting with the Kennedy’s or any artists involved or to schedule an interview, please contact Nathan Felix at

Contact: Nathan Felix – 512-731-0314
Composer, Nathan Felix
Nathan Felix