Northern Virginia Siding Contractors Explain the Dangers of Hidden Mold

Chantilly, VA, September 13, 2018 --( The Northern Virginia siding contractors at Beyond Exteriors recently published a blog post explaining the dangers of hidden mold that can appear under siding. According to the Fairfax siding replacement specialists, mold can easily enter the siding and cause serious problems.

Many homeowners fail to realize that mold can grow just about anywhere within their homes. Siding is often not considered a risk area. However, mold can easily grow in the space between the siding and the wall. Cracks in the siding's joints can let water in, and water that is not properly channeled from your home's roof can also cause damage. It is important that homeowners inspect the windows, siding, and roof of their home on a regular basis to ensure that there is no mold at the edges of the siding, as this could indicate mold underneath it as well.

Moldy siding can cause several problems. It can damage the existing siding or the foundation of your home and cause unpleasant smells and stains throughout the area. Not only does this make the home difficult to inhabit, it can also make selling the house later far more difficult. Mold can also cause health issues, particularly in children and older people, that often require immediate attention. Symptoms of mold-related illness include throat and eye irritation, nasal problems, and coughing or wheezing. Because mold can cause these problems and others, it is important to replace and clean old siding as soon as possible after noticing that there is mold damage to the area.

Speak to a professional siding replacement contractor for more information and to schedule a free estimate if you believe your home's siding contains dangerous mold. Beyond Exteriors has years of experience in helping homeowners within the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas maintain safe and beautiful homes. The company can repair, replace, and install a variety of siding types, making it easy to find the perfect style for your home. Beyond Exteriors can be contacted online at or by phone at 703-854-9820. The company is headquartered at 14524 Lee Road, Unit E, Chantilly, VA 20151.
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