SocksLane Launches on Amazon UK Continental Europe Sales Channels

Leading cotton compression socks manufacturer expands its offer to European Markets.

Portland, OR, September 14, 2018 --( SocksLane, the leading provider of cotton compression socks for women in the US market announced today that products are now available on Amazon UK.

SocksLane has established itself as a provider of quality cotton compression socks over the year and has proved to be the leading provider for women’s compression socks in the country. It has finally announced that they have expanded their sales channel overseas, particularly in the UK. This move is part of the company's strategy to expand its presence in the retail arena and be present not just in the US but also in the 5 major Amazon sales marketplaces namely: in the UK Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and the Germany.

"We have been receiving quite a large number of orders from the UK since the 2nd quarter of this year and we deemed it necessary to expand to the UK market. We have also received regular messages through our website ( from people abroad and are requesting to have the products available in the UK to minimize shipping fees,” said Amanda Dixon, SocksLane CMO.

To avoid any price discrimination, the company has decided to keep the same prices for both the US and the UK markets giving its customers the maximum advantage in their purchases.

The move of the company will not just benefit regular Amazon US customers based in the UK but mostly UK residents because of shorter delivery time and minimal shipping fees.

SocksLane women compression socks are the choice legs support for women from all walks of life. The socks are made of 65% natural combed cotton and a blend of high-quality, anti-allergic stretch fibers. SocksLane products offer a great alternative to other conventional synthetic socks.

To celebrate this milestone, the company is giving out a 10% discount for all Amazon US shoppers for a limited time offer. The offer can be redeemed directly on SocksLane’s Amazon page:

Simply entering Coupon Code “SNIPIT10” at checkout.
Amanda Dixon