Big Bad Horror B*%ches: Horror Author Kira Mckinney Says It's Time for Women to Take a Turn at Twisting Minds

It's time for women to have a go at being the heroes in horror. Kira McKinney's new book "They Come from the Shadows: A Collection of Horror" gives female characters the opportunity to do just that.

Waco, TX, September 30, 2018 --( It’s Women’s Time to Take Over Horror

Gone are the days when women run up the stairs when they should, simply, bolt out the front door. In They Come from the Shadows: A Collection of Horror emerging author, Kira McKinney, unleashes story after story featuring female antagonists and protagonists, whom readers will never find tripping over nothing as they run screaming through the woods. Instead, the women McKinney writes are smart, tough, and—generally—at least a little evil. However, they always have a redeeming quality, something that makes the reader root for them despite their obvious flaws.

“I have always been drawn to horror. I like it because monsters are predictable, humans aren’t.” McKinney explains why she writes the genre despite living with PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. She grew up in a violent home, abused by a step-father, and suffered other traumatic incidents throughout her life. Yet, she isn’t rattled by blood or gore or vicious monsters. “The storylines, the characters, the ideas are as old as time,” she says. “They all have rules.” Those rules make McKinney feel safe in an unpredictable world. Don’t worry. Kira has her own formula that, she feels, helps keep stories fresh and fun. She also likes to interject a bit of humor into her tales.

Kira McKinney has already self-published two books and has two more set for release by the end of 2018. “Self-publishing is a giant learning curve, but as a woman writing horror, it is a good avenue. Women in the genre tend to be underappreciated and underrepresented.” Kira tried traditional publishing but decided early on that she wanted to retain control of her work, and that indie publishing seemed better suited for her ideas and her style. “I like to write in the past. Horror stories set in the 30s and 40s don’t seem to appeal to publishers, but my audience seems to dig them,” she says.

Kira McKinney is a 2018 graduate of Arizona State University where she majored in Liberal Studies with a focus on English Literature. She graduated summa cum laude. Her book They Come from the Shadows: A Collection of Horror is available on Amazon for pre-order and releases on Kindle and paperback on October 15th, 2018. Her novel The Blood in Guthrie releases on November 26th. Visit her website and subscribe to her newsletter to stay up-to-date on all news.

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