Immortal Works' Latest Release: "Crystal Queen" by John M. Olsen. (Book Two in the Riland Throne Series)

John M. Olsen's latest book, "Crystal Queen" has been published. "Crystal Queen" is the second book in the Riland Throne series. "Crystal Queen" features slavers, spies, a wayward king, and an arranged marriage gone awry against a backdrop of looming war.

Salt Lake City, UT, October 12, 2018 --( League of Utah Writers President Elect John M. Olsen’s latest book, "Crystal Queen," has slavers, spies, a wayward king, and an arranged marriage gone awry against a backdrop of looming war.

Princess Lilia Talendor of the Graven Kingdom finds herself promised to marry a foreign king to secure her father's release. She will do her duty, but even the plans forced upon her suffer as slavers take advantage of chaos in the kingdom during the king's absence.

King Gavin Stoutheart wants desperately to meet and impress Princess Lilia, even if she is the daughter of his enemy. He hopes to bring peace to all of the Crystal Kingdoms, but traitors, spies, and uncertain advisors challenge his plans as he seeks to discover why the princess has been delayed.

Crystal magic and animal avatars join the intrigue as challenges come from all quarters. War looms on the horizon, and one thread runs through it all. Gavin needs allies, and Lilia could be the key to saving or destroying both their kingdoms.

When John was asked if he had any stories to share about writing "Crystal Queen," he says:

"I had a draft ready and sent it off to the publisher. Holli Anderson, the Chief Editor, shook her head and said, 'I can’t believe you killed (name withheld).' Then my content editor, Jana Brown, got to it. She knows where I live, and I was lucky she didn’t show up on my doorstep to beat me with her laptop. 'You can’t do that.'

"You see, in that instance I tried to be clever instead of entertaining. They called me on it, and the story is better for the changes they inspired with their comments. That’s what good editors do. I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out what wicked plot twist did not make it into the final story.

"This incident reminded me of a goal of mine. I hope to entertain and inspire, and show ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things through perseverance and determination, even when all seems lost. Every fictional character deserves a meaningful existence, whether in life or in death.

"I can enjoy a book about the chosen one with a special magical talent, but I hope to present more relatable characters as I portray an ordinary person with a good heart who steps up to be the key to preventing disaster. Too much fiction these days has become a cast of unlikeable characters doing horrible things to each other, and I find no inspiration in that.

"I hope to always have people keep me true to that vision of good people doing the right thing in my writing. Who knows, I may do a chosen-one story in the future, but you can expect them to have some ordinary challenges mixed in with trying to save the world because it’s the right thing to do."

"Crystal Queen" is available in paperback and as an ebook via A companion novella, "Crystal Servants" is on offer from instafreebie. Follow John on Twitter: @john_m_olsen

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