Fairfax Roof Repair Contractors Discuss Spotting Poor Roof Drainage

Chantilly, VA, September 23, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The Fairfax roof repair contractors at Beyond Exteriors released a blog educating readers on how to spot poor drainage on their roofs and remedy these issues. Many Northern Virginia roof repair issues stem from poor drainage, and it is important for homeowners to understand the signs of these problems.

Improper roof drainage can have serious effects on your home. Leaks and overflows are the most common types of drainage damage. These can damage the concrete, asphalt, foundation, and structure of your home over time. Drainage problems may also contribute to erosion and wood rot. They could also create environments in which insects, spiders, reptiles, and rodents thrive. Finally, poor drainage can cause your home to retain excess moisture, causing mold growth.

Homeowners should keep an eye out for several problems. First, conduct regular inspections of gutters and downspouts to identify clogs, improper sloping, and other damage, which often lead to overflowing gutters and can be fixed by clearing out the gutters or adjusting them so that they slope away from the foundations. Mildew in your attic or peeling walls could indicate that moisture is seeping into the home, and it is important to find the entrance areas and patch them up as quickly as possible. Widening cracks around the foundation of your home could indicate drainage problems affecting the foundation and requiring professional assistance.

If you are unable to determine the problem, or if the roof has already been damaged, call a professional roof repair contractor for more information and to schedule a free estimate. Beyond Exteriors has years of experience in providing Northern Virginia homeowners with fast, affordable repairs for their roofs. The company operates an emergency hotline for homeowners who are faced with roofing problems that require immediate attention. In addition to roofing problems, Beyond Exteriors can provide services related to siding, insulation, gutters, doors, and windows for any home. For more information, contact Beyond Exteriors online at https://www.beyondexteriors.com. The company can also be contacted by phone at 703-854-9820 or at 703-615-2793 in the event of an emergency. Beyond Exteriors is headquartered at 14524 Lee Road, Unit E, Chantilly, VA 20151.
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