Unsolicited Press Announces Availability of "Writing Naked" by Michael Murray

Murray’s debut book delivers frank and harrowing who currently essays draped around loss, depression, and addiction.

Portland, OR, October 31, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Unsolicited Press announced the immediate availability of "Writing Naked" by Michael Murray. "Writing Naked" delivers raw, skin-scratched emotion from a writer who has struggled his entire to life to look himself in the mirror and say, "Michael, I love you." In this debut essay collection, Michael Murray invites you to follow him on a meandering journey to witness glimpses of the moments in his life that have brought him to here - a place of solace and heart.

In “Grad School,” Murray calls poetry “...the mathematics of language...” as he recollects the MFA program application process. While poetry is certainly not the subject of "Writing Naked," Murray proves that his craft, whether it be poetry or prose, is poetic.

Essays, each one ripe with story, work to understand his purpose in life. From his first day on earth to his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Murray exposes himself in ways only a person deemed "irrational" would consider doing. But that's just it: Murray isn't irrational. He's a man experiencing the lifelong process of coping with cards the universe dealt him, for better or worse.

“Two things strike me in regards to Writing Naked: Michael’s innocence and his anger that some deal had been scuttled, some pact abrogated, some promise made at birth broken, brokenness ever after. And ever after his search to return to innocence. Maybe that is what Cleveland is for him, in a funny way unsullied in spite of all the pain he has experienced there. It is as if he thinks all the horror is some kind of mistake, not something he can accept as unavoidable. I think it is the way the innocence and anger weave in and out of each other that makes this collection powerful,” said Grey Wolf.

"Writing Naked" by Michael Murray is available wherever books are sold.

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