Disrupting Traditions - Gramarye Media and Monetizr Announce Partnership

Atlanta, GA, October 02, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Today, two Atlanta-based startups, Gramarye Media and Monetizr, have announced a partnership. Gramarye Media is a book publisher, a film studio, a game developer, and more. It is the world’s first content incubator, and the first “mini-major” studio on the east coast. Monetizr is blockchain gaming reward engine that rewards gamers, increasing engagement for developers and enabling brand sponsored rewards.

Gramarye Media is cross-media entertainment studio discovering, incubating, vetting, producing, and distributing original content, including books, films, games, AR and VR, merchandise. Cooperation with Monetizr gives Gramarye a chance for reward fans in a meaningful way for community-building activities and to provide privileged access to films, books, games, and more.

“Gramarye’s success depends on fans doing the things they do anyway - talking to their friends, sharing opinions, and playing games,” Gramarye Media CEO John Adcox said. “We believe fans deserved to be rewarded both for their data and for their community-building activities. We came up with the idea of creating a blockchain-based reward system that fans earn by playing games, participating in forums, and sharing favorite passages and illustrations via social media.”

“We were surprised to find out that Monetizr had a very similar concept ... and we were even more delighted to discover that they are great people,” Adcox added. “Gramarye is all about creating community. Working with Monetizr helps us do that.”

Working with Monetizr, Gramarye uses blockchain utility tokens to provide meaningful rewards and incentives to fan evangelists who spark the viral spread of brand awareness, and to stream content directly to consumers hungry for the core, generational stories that unite us all.

Monetizr Co-Founder and COO Martins Bratuskins shared: “It was great to hear that Atlanta is home to another company that believes in rewarding people for their time and skills as strongly as we do. Now we’re announcing this partnership that will bring physical, real-life rewards in form of branded merchandise to the amazing ecosystem Gramarye is building. At Monetizr, we advocate entertainment and are very excited to start this journey with Gramarye Media that brings vast opportunities for content creators.”

This summer, Monetizr is participating in 500 Summer School for Blockchain and has reached a considerable milestone of 17 million monthly active gamers in their ecosystem.

For information about Gramarye Media, please visit: https://gramaryemedia.com

For game developers and investors interested in Monetizr, please visit: https://monetizr.io/
Gita Berce