Karim Rashid Collaborates with Venetian Gold Luxury

There is nothing more luxurious than Italian Marble and gold combined together to create the perfect Italian furniture of your dreams. Karim Rashid is a designer who has collaborated with Venetian Gold to create unique, refined, and one of a kind pieces that are the true embodiment of lavishness, art, and luxury.

Udine, Italy, October 02, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Through the company and the designer’s collaboration, the use of natural stones has been amplified to a whole new level. "Marble is a beautiful, natural, organic material that possesses amazing properties," says Karim with a passion and appreciation for the material he works with. "Thanks to the technology and capability of Venetian Gold, I can shape and form the material with ease. It is a thrilling experience to bring this unique collection to life and am excited to share my creations with the world," he adds.

The combination of the mind, skills, and creativity of an artist like Karim Rashid and the technology of Venetian Gold results in a jaw-dropping beautifully crafted collection unlike any other before. The limits of luxury flooring have been pushed further as the sculptures within the collection are pieces never seen or created ever before.

"There is no better artist for the project than Karim. He is a true visionary who is willing to do what it takes to expand his portfolio and hone his skills," says Venetian Gold as a response to their latest artist collaboration. "He has over 4000 unique designs and has gathered more than 300 awards for his work, making his the best at his craft. Clients from all over the world are excited and eager to see what his collaboration with us will result in," the company adds with pride.

Karim has been featured in both digital and print media and is highly reputable for his work as an artist. Media companies like CNN, The New York Times, Elle, and countless others have featured his designs for all the world to see. Through this brilliant collaboration, his name will become synonymous with true luxury and his pieces will be sought after by collectors and fans of his previous work.

Venetian Gold offers clients an authentic Italian design experience from the moment an idea is cultivated up until the pieces are professionally installed. Every piece created by the company, whether through collaboration or as an in-house production promises true beauty and excellence from every angle and curve. There is no better place to make all of your luxurious and unique furniture ideas come to life than with the masters at https://venetiangoldluxury.com/

"All our pieces are made in Italy to guarantee unmatched high-quality results that are flawless and elegant," a customer representative from the company states. "We are here to assist you and help you create home furnishings that are more like art pieces instead of regular furniture," they concluded with assurance as they invite all interested parties to explore their company’s services further.

For more details about Venetian Gold and their collaboration with Mr. Rashid, visit their website. The experience will be more like visiting an art gallery instead of shopping for furniture.

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