Balti Virtual’s AR Children’s Books Take Reading to a New Dimension

Holo PopUps will use augmented reality technology to create interactive educational experiences

Baltimore, MD, October 03, 2018 --( Holo PopUps will use augmented reality technology to create interactive educational experiences.

Baltimore-based tech startup Balti Virtual today announced the release of a new line of children’s books called Holo PopUps that use augmented reality technology to make images jump off the page creating an interactive reading and learning experience. The books don’t require any additional hardware and can be enjoyed by anyone with a smart device through a free dedicated app.

The new line of books, intended for children ages 4-12 and each 18-20 pages long, are as educational as they are entertaining with a different animal on each page accompanied by a short poem that provides interesting facts. When viewed through the companion app images of the animals come alive and display a unique 3D-animated movie with vivid sound effects, voice-overs, and subtitles, bringing the classic pop-up book concept in to the 21st century.

While intended to be used with the companion app, the books are equally enjoyable without it thanks to vivid illustrations inspired by children’s art pioneers such as Mary Blair and Annette Marnat, who were concept artists for early Disney animated movies. The initial run will consist of three books titled Sea ChARacters, DARing Dinos and Pet PARty, featuring themes popular with children such as sea life, dinosaurs, and traditional pets such as dogs, cats, and bunnies.

“What makes our books special is not only the integration of technology, but the quality of animation,” said Will Gee, CEO of Balti Virtual, “It’s hard to describe the experience in words, but everyone that’s tried it has been instantly hooked.”

Holo PopUp books are now available for purchase through Amazon and other retailers for $6.99 each. Unlike traditional books, Holo PopUp readers will continue to get refreshed content after purchase. Balti Virtual already has plans to add seasonal updates to the existing animations, such as leaves falling in autumn and snow cascading in winter, with development of more features underway. For more information visit

About Balti Virtual
Balti Virtual is a software studio that aims to inspire the world by creating world-class AR/VR content. With over 20 years of experience, their team works to provide technological solutions to companies in every industry, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Founded in 2015, Balti Virtual boasts an impressive client list that includes international corporations such as Paypal, Marvel, and Under Armour, as well as renowned schools like Johns Hopkins, UVA, and Cornell University. The company is starting to develop their own proprietary products such as Holotats, their line of AR temporary tattoos, and Holo Popups, their new AR children’s books. For more information, visit

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