Truevalue Holdings, Inc. an Integral Blockchain Solution Provider

Truevalue Holdings, Inc. is a company that provides any and all services needed in blockchain. It provides structure, advise, links legal teams, sources technology and smart contract development, white papers, T&C, compliance, administration and link to hedge fund managers to present the various projects.

Wellington, FL, October 10, 2018 --( A fully integrated response to the market needs was incorporated by Truevalue Holdings at the end of 2017. Key experienced and old time technology and entrepreneurial people, joint forces with IW Global, a technology incubator that has been in the market since the 80’s and has developed technology for many industries, including aerospace for NASA.

When the Bitcoin and blockchain boom started to take media attention, many companies and business people wanted to take advantage of ICOs, of applications developed on blockchain, even of simple processes of capitalization using ICOs as the instrument, but unfortunately, all tasks needed specialized individuals, and none of them were under the same roof.

TVH is now, officially, a Blockchain Solution Provider (BSP). It develops technology, hooks up legal teams, supervises whitepapers and help write them, it writes smart contracts, program the blockchain and develops apps to run, infrastructure on blockchains and tokens either utility or security types. TVH promotes and leads roadshows to introduce products to the market or the investment community, it takes its clients to funding entities and hedge fund managers, and lists them in various exchanges. TVH also monitors the whole process and manages the solution from A to Z.

TVH has put in the market a few tokens already, as well as some infrastructure efforts on the blockchain: - A token backed by real assets - Infrastructure development on blockchain

"Now, the door of TVH are open to the public, and any company or any entrepreneur with a project, may stop searching for solutions, and just come to us," they say.

Its revenue model is simple, the only thing that they claim is that they keep equity in most of their client’s projects, and this is because they are fully confident of the success and the permanence in time. "We become your partners, not your vendor," Mr. Eduardo Chapeta, the company's CTO said.

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