Local Deck Builders Remind Minnesotans to Stain Their Decks This Fall

UglyDeck.com shares helpful tips on which ingredients homeowners should look for prior to purchasing a quality deck stain for their outdoor deck area.

Burnsville, MN, October 05, 2018 --(PR.com)-- As homeowners gear up for another fall season, the deck builders at UglyDeck.com remind Minnesotans to wash and stain their decks in anticipation of the long winter months ahead.

Unlike spring and summer, fall presents homeowners with the perfect climate conditions to stain their decks. When applying stain to a deck, the wood’s temperature should be between 50 to 90 degrees for best results, and the humidity pressure should be low. In addition, homeowners will need to ensure their outdoor decks are washed and dried prior to staining treatment.

UglyDeck.com recommends that homeowners check local forecasts to ensure they have at least 48 hours of dry weather ahead to give the stain ample time to dry.

As there are countless deck staining brands available from which to choose, the Minnesota deck builders recommend that homeowners first understand the differences between solid, transparent/semitransparent, and clear stains before making a final selection, as this will impact their staining practices in the future.

Solid stains offer a heavy, paint-like finish to cover a deck’s natural wear and tear. Solid finishes typically last between 3-5 years, depending on the amount of sunlight, rain, snow, and wind the deck is exposed to.

Transparent stains tend to show off the wood’s natural grain and texture; however, they do not offer as much UV protection compared to solid stains. Semi-transparent stains, in comparison, help protect the decking materials against sun exposure and are also more resistant to rotting or molding from winter and water damage.

Clear stains contain very little pigment and water repellents. And although they help to enhance the natural look of a wooden deck, they usually require more maintenance and if left untreated for years, can severely fade the look of a deck.
One important fact that UglyDeck.com would like to remind homeowners is that if they decide to choose a solid stain one year, they cannot switch to a clear option three years later. They’ll need to continue to re-coat with another solid option the next time the deck requires a staining.

Homeowners can find more tips on staining a deck by visiting the UglyDeck.com website. Or contact their store location to speak with a professional deck builder on which staining product is best.
Bill Barton