LambdaTest Announces Support for MacOS Mojave

LambdaTest becomes the fastest service provider to offer support for Mac OS Mojave for cross browser website testing.

San Francisco, CA, October 06, 2018 --( LambdaTest, a globally acclaimed cloud based website testing platform, today released an updated version of its cross browser website testing services. In the new update, the company has added support for Apple Mac OS Mojave version 10.14, which is Apple’s latest OS version.

“Since our inception, the main aim of LambdaTest has been to help users to fast track their website testing and development, especially their cross browser testing workflow. We believe in acting fast and that is the reason why, within only 10 days of the release of Mac OS Mojave, we added support with the OS so that our users can make sure their website running in a pixel perfect way with the latest Mac OS version,” said Mr. Asad Khan, Founder & CEO of Lambda Test.

The biggest challenge for web testers and developers has always been to ensure compatibility of their website with all browsers and operating systems. Capitalizing on this problem statement, LambdaTest launched their browser compatibility testing cloud where users get instant access to 2000+ different browser combinations, via the cloud. What makes LambdaTest different is the speed with which they bring the latest browsers to their platforms. Apple Mohave was released on 24th Sept. 2018 and within just 10 days LambdaTest has added it into their browser list for users to test their website on latest Mac OS.

Today’s announcement comes at a crucial time as LambdaTest just announced its success in just a year of its operation. With the new update, the company aims to break all existing sales benchmarks by offering the best version of its services to customers.

Future plans:
LambdaTest aims at becoming the best cloud based website testing platform surpassing its limited competition by 2020. The company has been hiring extensively and it plans to increase its workforce by double by the end of 2018.

Pricing & Availability:
LambdaTest offers a try before buy offer where all its features are offered free of cost to all for sixty minutes divided in 10 minutes session per login. Users can also avail uninterrupted services for as low as $15 per month on a subscription basis.

About Lambda Test
LambdaTest is cross browser testing platform where users can test their web applications across 2000+ different browser and operating system combinations. Users get on demand access to the browser environment of their choice to test their app for compatibility. Each environment is running on real machines with real operating systems and real browsers. The company also offers the feature of taking automated full page screenshots across all 2000+ environments to quickly test the layout, check in a single click how your website will look across 36 different devices, and compare design and HTML images. In addition, the LambdaTest platform also has single click integration with popular project management and enterprise tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, Slack, and Visual Studio Team Services. We are a one year old startup with a user based of 19000 developers and testers who are actively using the platform.
Asad Khan