Kyanite Publishing LLC to Unveil 22 New Speculative Fiction and Horror Titles

Fort Collins, CO, October 09, 2018 --( Kyanite Publishing LLC is proud to announce the first 22 titles of their Summer 2019 catalogue will be revealed throughout the day on October 13th, 2018. An online-only launch party across their social media channels will feature cover reveals, author interviews, and inside looks at each title. Authors will be online and participating in the events and readers can expect an open-format presentation that encourages questions and feedback.

The new titles span speculative fiction and horror subgenres and include the works of Managing Partners Sam Hendricks, B.K. Bass, and Sophia LeRoux along with J.R. Brooks, Enkelli Arn Robertson, Rhis Kaye, Majanka Verstraete, and Phebe Yawson. In total, Kyanite Publishing LLC has announced 45 novelettes, novellas, and novels, a shared world anthology, a punk anthology, and the bimonthly Kyanite Press journal of short stories, including its special editions, digests, and anthologies.

Contributors to the Kyanite Press and authors signed with Kyanite Publishing LLC hail from states across the US and several countries, including: The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. The mission of Kyanite Publishing LLC includes expanding their outreach to writers in Colorado, where the company is headquartered, and increasing their visibility at trade shows, conferences, and educational events.

Speculative fiction is a blanket term encompassing science fiction and fantasy, as well as other subgenres with elements that could be considered “outside” reality as humans perceive it. Writers interested in publishing with Kyanite Publishing LLC should refer to the submission guidelines on the website.

Readers interested in browsing the catalogue can find the most complete list on the company’s website. All titles in the catalogue are available for purchase or preorder there. Kyanite Publishing LLC distributes through Ingram. The Kyanite Press is available through the company’s website in addition to several Ingram partners, including:, Amazon, and Kobo.

In addition to the title announcements on October 13th, Kyanite Publishing LLC will be launching their first electronic-only title, “Night Shift.” The cyberpunk novella, authored by B.K. Bass, is a witty and entertaining look into a dystopian future and a dark conspiracy in the fictional New Angeles. Readers will love Harold Peterson and root for him to find the answers. But will he?

For more information please contact the company’s media representative, Sam Hendricks at
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