Bump the Trumps in 2020 Grassroots Movement Begins

A grass roots movement to provide bumper stickers and yard signs for the 2020 battle cry of the democratic movement, Bump The Trumps.

Phoenix, AZ, October 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Announcing the beginning of a grass roots movement to "Bump the Trumps" from the government of the United States.

"While some of his successes are worth noting, his style of government is not in keeping with the constitution. It can be seen that there are other motives in his approach to re-organizing the Federal Government and it's agencies. President Trump will not be so willing to give up the power he has gained, so it is far better to vote him out in 2020 than live with his increased power if he wins a second term." - R.Sanders - President J Draws Computing 2018

The American citizen, especially those who are not registered, are asked to do just that, and then vote to remove him from office. Health care costs are through the roof, and the responses from the Trump Administration is only allowing it to grow ever year. A tax cut is passed and touted to be for "the working class" and the next thing you see and hear is, "Increase your with-holding now because you need to be prepared to pay more in taxes in 2019" (CBS evening news July 2018).

J Draws Computing states that, "Not all he is doing is bad, but the fear is more of what he plans to do, which will harm the United States in the long run. The economic recovery is mostly the result of the Obama administration's efforts than Mr. Trump's. History shows that the effects of each administration is felt for many years after they have left office."

The effects of the Trump Administration will be felt all the way to 2022. The country needs to put people in place now to secure a better future for all of America.

Please help get the word out to Bump the Trumps.
J Draws Computing
Robert Sanders