Priatek Releases in2win® Software Update; 3.5 Software is Live with Prize Promotions on in2win® Kiosks and Mobile App in the New York City Area

St. Petersburg, FL, October 11, 2018 --( Florida-based advertising tech company Priatek, LLC has released the latest update to the company’s in2win® software. The software will be utilized on in2win® kiosks that are becoming available around the New York City and Tampa Bay areas this month, as well as for download on Apple and Android devices.

The in2win® software is designed to provide brands a direct connection with consumers through memorable engagements that leads to the consumer receiving a brand’s offer to make a purchase. The kiosks, which are placed in public locations such as malls, deliver not only impressions for advertisers, but also proof-of-engagement between brands and consumers. Consumers receive promotional offers and discounts on products or services they choose to engage with, all for free.

“The goal of this update was to provide a fun experience for our users within a trustworthy and memorable platform,” said Priatek Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering Jeremy Ramos. “Simultaneously, we focused on providing our business partners with measurable value that tracks how our software delivers consumers to their brand. We are incredibly excited for our team, our partners, our brands, and in2winners to have this update in the wild.”

What’s New

in2win® 3.5 software includes several updates, including:

Improved usability, flow and menu

Enhanced look & feel

collect2win™ boards reward grand prizes

Users get 10 free credits every day for both the kiosk and mobile app (one play = one credit)

Native in2win® coin represents all rewards

Added “fun” elements to each game

The Experience

When utilizing the software on the kiosks and the mobile app, users will experience several capabilities, including:

Each engagement a user has with in2win® is completely free.

Win discounted offers from top brands and local restaurants and services.

Play games that deliver promotional rewards and native coins.

Play collect2win™ for a chance to win $100,000 and other prizes.

Collect in2win® coins to exchange for gift cards.

Store discounts and prizes in “My Stuff” on the mobile app.

This latest update is more than a year in the making and aligns directly with the company’s operational installations. Priatek is launching their in2win® platform in the New York City area in October, with the Tampa Bay area following shortly thereafter.

Brands interested in placing their promotions on the in2win® platform are encouraged to email

About in2win®
in2win®, created by Florida based advertising technology company Priatek, places buy-now power in the hands of consumers through the gamification of retail. The one-of-a-kind social gamification network delivers a value-based ecosystem that is fun and rewards the consumer for engaging with a brand in a network that is measurable and insightful. Brands now have access to unrivaled connections and countless opportunities for consumer engagement.

About Priatek, LLC
Priatek® designs, manufactures and operates a network of patented Prize-Based Digital Promotions® kiosks under its in2win® brand. in2win® prize promotions engage consumers in a unique and fun way. Consumers select a product, play to win the product, and receive an offer or in2win® coins. Consumers can use the offer or in2win® coins to purchase the product directly from local retail stores or online. in2win® has partnered with many of the top mall developers in the U.S. In addition to malls, Priatek will be expanding into hotels, airports, big-box retail stores, grocery stores, and sports arenas nationwide. Learn more at and follow our story on social media @priatek.

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