Paper Presentation at National Seminar: "Treatment Model & Drug Addiction Recovery in Solace Sabah" by Dr. Premkumar Shanmugam

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, October 12, 2018 --( Dr. Premkumar Shanmugam, the Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director of Solace, the leading, award winning, recognised, addiction rehabilitation centre in Malaysia, has presented a paper at University Malaysia, Sabah on October 10/11 titled "Treatment Model & Drug Addiction Recovery in Solace Sabah."

The seminar lasted two days and saw the luminaries in the field of addiction recovery attending it. They presented, debated and ideated various approaches to addiction, its causes, consequences and the toll it takes on society as well as solutions.

“I am quite happy to attend the seminar, especially since it is a brilliant opportunity to interact with young minds as well as peers on topics of pressing concern to the society,” said Dr.Premkumar Shanmugam to the media. “My paper was on the unique treatment model which is proven and scientific, that we follow at Solace,” he added.

Solace offers a residential program that addresses the biological, psychological, social and spiritual quadrants of the client when it comes to addiction treatment for alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and food.

At Solace, the treatment and its duration is customised to suit the specific needs of the individual. Treatment is based on a thorough evaluation and assessment upon admission, conducted with both the client and their loved ones.

“We are a private, focussed and quality oriented centre and at any time we do not have more than 18-20 clients. This sets us distinctly apart from a crowded general rehab. The serene setting and excellent amenities make the stay comfortable, therapeutic and enjoyable,” Doctor continued to add.

Dr.Premkumar is also the Director of Sanctuary Retreat, a community project by Solace and the first of its kind in Malaysia with a vision to provide affordable addiction treatment to all.

At Sanctuary, the quality of the treatment is on a par with Solace. The retreat is optimal in both location and amenities, where everyone will feel quite comfortable. The rehab treats the same addictions as that of Solace.

Dr. Prem is also the head of Solace Academy, the main purpose of which is to institutionalise knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing and dissemination happening already at Solace and Sanctuary. It aims to reinforce the ideas and practices that accompany the unique treatment methodology followed at both centers.

Currently, the Academy runs a "Certified Recovery Support Coach" program which is an intensive, three-month course designed to provide people who have completed residential treatment or are in recovery from addictions, an opportunity to not only acquire a skill but also continue to practice recovery by offering their services and sharing experiences to other suffering addicts.
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