Anthony West (A Dubb), Executive Producer of dubb Records, Releases New Hit Single Named "Eyes" for Pop Artist "Ry"

New hit single "Eyes" now streaming on all platforms by new pop artist, Ry.

Los Angeles, CA, October 13, 2018 --( Executive Producer, Anthony West (A Dubb), has kept his 2018 new song promise with the release of new hit single "Eyes" which is sung by pop artist, Ry. The song was released on September 28th on all streaming platforms and is now playing on multiple radio stations. "Eyes" entails someone who was or is in a relationship, and is now confronting his or her partner who has cheated on them.

"The song relates to pretty much everyone who has ever had their heart broken," says Executive Producer Anthony West.

"Eyes" has been released on all streaming platforms worldwide by dubb Records and distribution source Tommy Boy Records. West says that the video will be released within three to four weeks of todays date, and then will be followed up with a second hit single by Ry.

About Anthony West p.k.a.(A Dubb)

Anthony West is a music producer/songwriter. He specializes in Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop but has also helped produce many EDM and rock tracks as well. "Although country is not my specialty, I have the ability to create just about anything music wise," says West.

Anthony West has worked as a songwriter, producer, and DJ. Being in the industry for over 15 years now, he has done ghost writing and producing, and also worked direct with some of the top artists ranging from Disney stars to top of the chart on-the-radio artists.

In addition to music creation, West is also front and center when it comes to video. He says his mindset brings the vision of the song into reality with a well constructed music video behind it.

A Dubb has just signed another new artist to his label within the last few days whom he says will be the next world superstar. He is set to announce the name within the next few weeks.
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