Immortal Works’ Latest Release: "Dragon Ascending" by Amy Beatty

Immortal Works Press' latest release, "Dragon Ascending" by Amy Beatty, is a familiar yet compelling YA fantasy.

Salt Lake City, UT, October 13, 2018 --( For those who grew up reading mythology, fairy tales, and The Hobbit, immersing oneself in Fantasy is a lot like coming home.

Such is the case for Amy Beatty, author of recently released "Dragon Ascending," the latest from Immortal Works Press.

“My mom read to us a lot and we had a lot of classics around the house,” says Ms. Beatty. “I was fascinated by how different cultures viewed mythology, and different cultures have different mythologies, and different communities would interpret the same mythologies differently.”

Ms. Beatty received her education in art and illustration, but her love for the fantastic never went away. “My third grade teacher read The Hobbit to us, and I was really excited to learn that fairy tales weren’t just for kids. Later, I discovered the Chronicles of Prydain and the dragons of Pern. Fantasy has always had a special place for me.”

That special place proved vital when Ms. Beatty suffered a health crisis in early 2013.

“When I woke up in the hospital after my stroke and realized my life wasn’t going to go according to my original plans, I took stock and thought, what are some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never took time for, and will regret not having done? At the top of that list was writing a book. In the time immediately after the stroke I couldn’t do as many physical things as I used to, but I could sit in front of the computer and write my book. I decided I would put in it things that I like, and not care if anyone else likes it because I’m writing it for me.”

For inspiration, Ms. Beatty drew on the same mythologies and fairy tales that inspired JRR Tolkien, although she says she is “taking a slightly different turn from where Tolkien went instead of beginning where he left off.”

Take the Alfkins, as an example. Ms. Beatty says, “In the old fairy stories there’s this interesting dichotomy where the elves or fairies are these beautiful, wise alluring people who are sometimes scary and monstrous – the kind of creatures people don’t want coming anywhere near their villages. I wanted to find a way to make my ‘elves’ both the beautiful, wise nature spirits but also the scary monsters. So the Alfkins in my book lay eggs, which undergo an insect-like metamorphic life cycle. The nymphs have a very long juvenile stage, and during that stage they’re scary.”

James Wymore, author of Theocracide and Schism, “can’t recommend this book enough...The characters are strong and engaging. The plot is stimulating. I’m looking forward to the sequel already.”

Dragon Ascending is available in paperback and as an ebook from Immortal Works Press via Amazon. Visit Amy Beatty on Twitter at @AmyBeattyAuthor, Facebook at, or her website at

Plot Summary for "Dragon Ascending"
Edrik, son of the murdered Drake regent, never gained his dragon magic and cannot shapeshift into his dragon form. Unfit to marry his love, the Princess Lissara, Edrik embarks on a dangerous mission to prove himself worthy. He seeks Lissara’s missing father, the dragon king, before an enemy usurps the throne.

Unfortunately, the search for the king brings Edrik to a dungeon located in human territory. Inside the prison, Edrik discovers the missing king, whose captors are unaware of his true identity. Edrik must rely on a grubby young dungeon keeper to help them escape without disclosing that his companion is the dragon king. But the dungeon keeper has a secret identity as well, one that will change Edrik’s destiny forever.

Author Bio
Amy Beatty grew up in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park as part of an experiment in crossing the genes of a respected research biologist with those of a grammar aficionado. She spent her summers making forts under the sagebrush with her friends and catching garter snakes by the creek to populate elaborate sandbox villages-or holed up in her bunk bed exploring the exotic worlds hidden between the covers of books.

She currently resides in Utah with her husband and two delightfully unconventional children, under the benevolent dictatorship of a toy fox terrier who plans to take over the world as soon as she gets her minions whipped into shape.

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