Michael Lamothe’s New Venture, Marawealth, is Inspiring a Change in Mindset

Trading Entrepreneur Michael Lamothe creates a new coaching and trading tools database incorporating mindset into trading to promote success in the market.

New York, NY, October 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- ChartYourTrade founder and former CEO, Michael Lamothe, helped revolutionize trading by creating and incorporating new research tools to help save traders both time and money. He has now launched MARA, a new coaching service for traders. Building upon his 10+ years of research and experience trading, Lamothe combines this with a new and essential methodology to inspire traders to find success and financial independence with a primary focus on mindset.

Lamothe says, “I know the pitfalls and the struggles traders face. I faced them too. But it takes more than research and understanding trends to be successful at the market. It is a whole new revolutionary shift in mindset that will lead you down the path of success and allow you to live the life you want to live.”

Lamothe began trading at 18 and after years of encountering obstacles as a part-time trader and father of daughter, Lily, he came up with a solution to help traders succeed in the market. After a successful venture with ChartYourTrade, Lamothe’s new venture MARA is focusing on how mindset truly affects how you trade in the marketplace. He coaches traders to find a trading style that works with his/her schedule and lifestyle.

“Michael Lamothe has shared countless presentations on a very wide array of market and trading topics that reveal a trait common to many of the great traders: he is a constant student of the market. His hard work and passion for trading in stocks has given him a very valued reward. He knows who he is as a trader, which is sometimes the most difficult lesson on the path to success." - Curt Hostetter, co-organizer NYC IBD Meetup

Through Lamothe’s one-on-one coaching and group coaching services, MARA is a sure-fire way to help traders find success in the market. These services are Lamothe’s way of returning to his root purpose, and that is to inspire every person to find financial freedom.

MARA was founded by trading entrepreneur, Michael Lamothe, in 2018 to provide one-on-one and group coaching sessions focusing on customizing a trading methodology and routine with the individual part-time investor in mind. Michael Lamothe has been featured on Nasdaq Live, was a Benzinga Awards Finalist in 2017 and a Stocktoberfest Presenter. He has been called "The Only Trader to Follow" on social media. MARA offers free tools available for download as well as Private, Aired Later and Live coaching sessions. For more information and to sign up for a free 30 minute session with Michael, please visit www.marawealth.com.
Michael Lamothe