PAI and Zem Media Announce Market Partnership

PAI chooses Zem Media as Preferred Provider of Digital Toppers for ATMs.

Las Vegas, NV, October 23, 2018 --( Payment Alliance International (PAI) and Zem Media today announced the availability of Zem Media Digital Toppers for ATMs owned and/or operated through the PAI ATM network. The Digital Topper utilizes Zem Media’s Universal Mounting System® allowing for a simple and easy installation experience and is currently available for nearly all models of ATMs and Kiosks manufactured by Genmega, Nautilus-Hyosung, Triton, or Puloon. Other models and manufacturers are available on a project basis.

The Zem Media Digital Topper solution is designed to bring the dynamic world of cloud-based digital signage to the ATM in a simple manner. The ATM deployer can now take advantage of the “real estate” above the ATM in a meaningful way along with providing an opportunity to monetize that space.

The solution includes a 32” commercial grade HD LED Monitor and the Zem Media Player enclosed in a protective casing which presents a clean, professional appearance. The content is managed using Zem Media’s easy to use Content Management System. The Topper comes pre-loaded with dynamic content designed to drive ATM traffic and the ATM deployer, working in conjunction with the PAI team, can develop and use their own content, typically specifically purposed for the ATM location.

“We are excited to partner with PAI as they bring enhanced marketing, advertising, and revenue generating solutions to their customers. The Zem Media Digital Topper is the type of economical, value added service that ATM operators are looking to use to gain an advantage over their competition. It makes the ATM much more than a simple cash dispenser,” said Joe Maneen, Jr., EVP-Global Business Development for Zem Media.

“The Zem Media Digital Topper solution is a perfect enhancement for those who want to take their ATM marketing solution to the next level,” said Scott McFarland, Senior Vice President-Chief Revenue Officer for PAI. “It is reliable, easy to deploy, and is surely becoming the de facto standard ATM Digital Topper solution for the ATM industry.”

The Zem Media Topper can be seen in both the PAI and the Zem Media Booths at the NAC Conference in Las Vegas, October 16-18, 2018.

About Zem Media

Zem Media is the Digital Marketing Solutions Division of JB Carter Enterprises, a privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, which also includes ATM Merchants Systems and Multi-Choice Cash. Zem Media provides Digital Signage Solutions for all industry verticals and with the most dynamic, user friendly, scalable Content Management solution available today, gives customers the tools to get started with digital signage or to optimize their existing signage network. Zem Media’s Professional Services Content Creation Department gives a company everything it needs to quickly and effectively take control over it’s digital marketing. Zem Media is your End-to-End Digital Signage Solution Provider. For further information contact Joe Maneen, EVP-Global Business Development, Email: .

About PAI

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is the nation’s largest, privately-held ATM provider and offers processing and maintenance services, equipment sales and support, and unique ATM branding opportunities. PAI also offers industry-leading, revenue-generating, value-added solutions and customized partner programs that increase customer profitability, reduce operational expense and maximize uptime. Payment Alliance International is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with offices around the country. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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