Tier3D MindStudio Auto Generates Real-World Games & Videos from a Script and Situation

Tier3D MindStudio uses crowdsourced Mind* Artificial Intelligence cloud to auto-generate real-world games & videos from a script and situation.

Milpitas, CA, October 18, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company is creating a crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence cloud and a radical new design for a phone, watch, & Mixed Reality glass, which along with their MindStudio software, auto-generates a new genre of real-world games & videos from a script and situation.

Shalender Singh, the CEO and a founder of Tier3D explained that “Tier3D Mind* cloud is designed to learn and model everything in the world, living beings and objects, including their behavior and interactions. The Tier3D MindStudio software can time-evolve and predict the future of any situation based on learned interactions and associations. This allows you to simply pick and place people (or objects) from a library of existing models into video captures and Tier3D MindStudio auto-generates many possible photorealistic videos. It also has a natural language interface to help you craft your composition directly, and naturally, from a script and assets. The gamification capability lets you start from a script and even have real-life people join the ‘scene,’ and the AI then auto-evolves the world according to these newer additions. You can also create games where an AI avatar of the player keeps playing the game even when the real person is not connected to it.”

Srini Srinivasan (noted silicon valley investor) and a founder of Tier3D elaborated that, “Another cool feature in the AI-driven gamification is forking of multiple worlds, each with its own new tweaks, and maybe one scenario results in utopia and another in a dystopic outcome. You can be a game maker god, starting with real-life footage, and then tweak different versions of your worlds to your heart’s content by naturally interacting with the AI bot, and producing the ultimate set of games.”

Vishnupriya Singh, the COO and a founder of Tier3D added that, "Tier3D watch, phone, and glass are specially designed to enable crowdsourcing of AI models. The web interface allows crowdsourcing of AI algorithms, games and content, and monetization by the creators. Tier3D is creating a sustainable eco-system for AI generation & we expect that the customers of Tier3D will be drawn to the system for many reasons, including its AI-driven gamification and utilities."

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