Final Judgement Releases First Demo EP

Final Judgement is a no frills thrash metal band from the Philadelphia suburbs. Members are veterans from the local underground music scene and developed a bold sound for for new and old generations with their aggressive thrash/metal style. Their first 4 song demo/ep is available worldwide.

Philadelphia, PA, October 19, 2018 --( Final Judgement proudly announces the worldwide debut of their four song EP titled “Demo 2018” on September 28th 2018.

From the Philadelphia suburbs, Final Judgement was formed in August of 2017 by Rich Q, J. Wren, and Ant C. Their idea was to blend a perfect mix of thrash, metal and heavy breakdowns which they sculpted after their influences of thrash and metal greats in the likes of Slayer, Kreator and Demolition Hammer.

Song lyrics include topics such as the unforeseeable apocalypse, idiotic politics and stories from the metal underground.

An easy way to describe their unique mix would be “Slam-Thrash,” due to their formula of fast drums, speedy guitars and brutal Dying Fetus style breakdowns.

Their first release was recorded and mixed by veteran studio engineer Joey “Brootal” K, from Snug Studios, Staten Island NY.

Final Judgement’s first release can be heard on iTunes, Spotify,,, and other various music outlets online.

More info can be found at their Facebook page
Anthony Cee