Long Island Premiere and Awards Celebration of Metro Goldman Motion Pictures International Award Winning Motion Picture "Father and Father"

Metro Goldman Motion Pictures announced today the Long Island premiere and awards celebration of their inaugural international award winning motion picture “Father and Father” on October 27, 2018. The action adventure comedy was created, produced, cast and shot entirely on Long Island and New York City. Film has been screened from Portland to Rome with stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City capturing 12 wins along the way. This invitation-only event.

Merrick, NY, October 19, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Renowned international movie stars, professional athletes, cast and crew will be on the red carpet and confirmed to attend: Chuck Zito: Cast, “Sons Of Anarchy,” “OZ”; Fran Capo: Cast, Actress, Comedian, Adventurer, fastest talking human on the planet; Eric Haft: Cast, top Long Island comedian; Steve Schussler: Author, Inventor, Philanthropists and Creator of dining adventures (Downtown Disney & Rain Forest Café); Dr. Bob Goldman: Executive Producer, Cast, 7th Degree Black Belt, Chinese weapons expert, world champion athlete and member of the President’s Council for Sports and Fitness.

Creative producer, writer, and cast member Mark Goldman stars as Father Goldberg; an ex, emotional pro wrestler and First Jewish Priest every appointed. The Merrick New York resident, created, produced and stars in the film. Some other credits include work with Long Beach Theatre Guild, “The Deuce”, “Blue Bloods” “Orange is the New Black”, “Jessica Jones”, “The Punisher”, “Dare Devil”, “The Blacklist” and got his start on the big screen in the 1979 hit cult classic “The Warriors.”

Co-producer and actor Tom Renner co-stars as Father Reginald. A priest with more Black Belts than Chuck Norris and weapons expert. This West Islip New York resident and Westbury High School History Teacher is in reality a real Martial Artist/weapon expert/Sensei, stunt professional and owner of Kazan Stunt School in Deer Park New York. Credits include “Gangland,” “Redemption”, “SALT”, and “Assassin X.”

“Father And Father” 2018 awards include: Best Comedy, Best Fight Choreography, Best Comedy Scene, Best Humor, Best Movie Poster, Best Web Series, Best Comedy Director and Best Song. Film also features original music by singer-songwriter Martin Blasick. “Father and Father” was dubbed “Best Slap-up Action Comedy” by the 2018 Best Los Angeles Screenplay, Theme Music and Original Films Festival.

“Father and Father” was directed by International award-winning directors Michael Baumgarten and Fight Choreographer Art Camacho. Stellar cast also includes Sasha Mitchell; “Step by Step”, “ER”, “NYPD Blue”, “Dallas” and the “Kick Boxer” franchise. Other area locals rounding off the cast are Michael Depasquale Jr., Alan Goldberg, Pat Massi, Raul Colon, Louis Banks, Stacey A. Meyer, Ben Rutella, Eric Kovaleski, Doc Cox, Hank Lowrey, Rustin Revella, Tom Renner Jr., and Pedro Tweed.

Please check www.FatherAndFather.com for a screening near you.

“Father And Father” is a fast-paced, character-driven comedy about two priests forced to go on the run after they hear a confession from a wounded Mob Boss. Besides saving their own skin, the Fathers task themselves with not only saving the Boss' life, but his soul as well. In return, the Boss pledges to provide truth, penance and state's evidence. As the Fathers dodge bullets and bad guys, they fall under the wrath of Church superiors who have always questioned their backgrounds and methods. They fight in the pews and on the church steps. They bust things up. They get heat from the diocese. They turn in their collars, then pick them up again because it's the right thing to do.
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