Do You Write or Want to Write? Golden Quill Press Publishes "How To Write Your Book... From an Idea to Your Published Story"

Golden Quill Press has published,"How To Write Your Book," a step by step guide to how to start writing...all the way to finishing your story.

Roanoke, VA, October 20, 2018 --( Golden Quill Press is Proud to Announce the Publication of “How To Write Your Book...From an Idea to Your Published Story,” by Bobbi Madry and Francine Barish-Stern.

Most people at one time or another have the desire to write a book...but, most people never do. Golden Quill Press believes that writing a book shouldn’t be an impossible task to begin or an uphill battle to finish but rather the stuff dreams are made of.

In 1998 Bobbi Madry, an author/editor for major publishers in New York and Francine Barish-Stern, a free-lance writer got together and started The Write Source and Golden Quill Press. They wanted to offer writers a full range of education and writing services, "From an a Published Story."

Barish-Stern says, “Once a month, The Write Source offered, ‘Networking with the Authors,’ an open house where writers shared their work, writing concerns; successes and failures, and the writing problems they were experiencing. It was an incredible platform for both unknown and established writers.

“All the different Write Source experiences contributed to ‘How To Write Your Book...’ We listened... and then created a format for helping writers get from the concept to the finished story.”

A survey of class participants showed that instructional writing books are very dry and hard to get through. So Madry and Barish-Stern created a fun, interactive journey. “We speak through The THREE WISE GUIDES: the writer, Ms. IWANNA B WRITER, the wise old owl, Ms. EDI TOR, the fox with a fountain pen, and Mr. I. M. PUBLISHER, the successful English type dog-gent, to make the writing process easy and fun for anyone who wants to write. But this is not a child’s book; it is the professional prospective of each of these characters, which give the reader a step-by-step guide to the construction of a book from the idea to the finished and published story.

“We also road tested ‘How To Write Your Book...’ by creating the published novel, ‘Code 47 to BREV Force.’ Then we incorporated what we learned into each ‘How To...’ chapter, showing how the techniques benefitted the BREV Force story line and how to use the tools to work through any story.”

Originally reviewed by Book Marketing Blast Off Seminar’s John Kremer; author of “1001 Ways to Market Your Book” and the editor of “Book Marketing Update,” Kremer says, “If you are ready to begin writing a book, this entertaining book can help you get started and, more important, keep you on track to finish.”

Madry has always said, “Most writers don’t know what they don’t know,” so giving them a guide that shows the entire process from start to finish, takes their work out of the drawer and drives it to completion... and to fulfilling their dream of writing a book!

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