LeakTronics Offers the SM-1 for Advanced Leak Detecting in Pools and Spas

The SM-1 Side Mic from LeakTronics brings highly sensitive listening technology to the Swimming Pool Leak Detection market.

Canoga Park, CA, October 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative leak detection equipment for the pool and plumbing industries, brings the highly sensitive SM-1 Side Mic for listening to vertical surfaces in pools. With advanced listening technology and a powerful uni-directional diode, the SM-1 enhances listening to structural cracks, conduit and pool lighting, suction and return ports and inside pipes behind the pool shell. The SM-1 works with the LT1000 Phantom Powered Amplifier that comes standard in all LeakTronics leak detection kits and is available now at the LeakTronics website for $550 and ships immediately.

Ninety-five percent of pool leaks happen within a three foot radius of the pool shell. LeakTronics equipment is designed with this in mind and delivers accuracy in pinpointing the location of leaks under static conditions. When a pool is full and quiet, meaning no pool equipment is operating at the time of listening, leaks will create an easily identifiable sound. The modern technology in LeakTronics mics and LT1000 Phantom Powered Amplifier allow the user to hone in on the exact location of the leak. This means finding the leak and stopping the water loss can most often be done from outside the pool, and technicians and contractors are able to solve a customer’s problems in under and hour.

LeakTronics holds a series of patents on their equipment, and is the only manufacturer that builds this proprietary technology into their equipment. Using LeakTronics Phantom Powered Amplifier adds to the sensitivity and listening capability of the LeakTronics mics and allows the user to listen deeper in the shell and plumbing of a pool. Because of the accuracy of the SM-1’s uni-directional technology, honing in on even the smallest of leaks is fast and easy.

Visit www.leaktronics.com/shop to see the SM-1 and all of LeakTronics innovative technologies for pool and plumbing leak detection. Purchases can be made directly on the website, or you can call LeakTronics during normal business hours at 818-436-2953 with any questions or to make purchases over the phone.

About Leaktronics

LeakTronics is an innovative manufacturer of leak detection equipment for plumbers, pool repair specialists and leak detection professionals. Through it's growing catalog of available leak detection tools, on site and on-line training and worldwide sales outreach, Leaktronics is helping reduce repair expenses and high volume water waste worldwide. By manufacturing their equipment 100 percent in house, Leaktronics is able to guarantee the quality assurance and customer care that makes Leaktronics the worldwide leader in leak detection equipment. For more information, visit https://www.leaktronics.com.
Joe Dolan