Asian Wealth Surges as MarketCurrents Publishes Its 3rd Annual Emerging Markets Reports with Findings on Key Regions

New York, NY, October 22, 2018 --( In its third annual emerging markets report, MarketCurrents looks at three of the largest private wealth markets - India, China and the Middle East. The publication spoke to principals of single and multi-family offices in each.

The phenomenal growth of private wealth in emerging markets in the last few decades shows no sign of slowing down. New fortunes continue to be minted at a rapid pace.

Nowhere has wealth grown faster than in Asia. India and China lead the way following the economic liberalization that took place in each country during the second half of the last century.

A large proportion of the wealth generated in emerging markets is from family-owned enterprises that contribute substantially to domestic economies.

As first-generation wealth creators move beyond the narrow focus of accumulating wealth, they are increasingly looking for a formalized structure to preserve, manage and pass on their fortunes to heirs as the next generation comes of age. Enter the family office model.

“Our research is in line with the statistics coming out of Asia. We profiled family offices in India, China and Hong Kong and we are pleased to bring to the surface their read on the state of wealth in the region,” commented Sumehr Sondhi, the groups Publisher and Managing Director.

The report is available on
Jane Magdela