JW Publishing 1031 Releases First Book; "Boy 2 Man, A Waha Story" by James G. Welcome

JW Publishing 1031 LLC, an indie publisher, is just getting out the gate with its first title, Boy 2 Man, A Waha Story, in paperback and eBook, with an audiobook on the way. This title is available through Amazon, Create Space, Kobo and Smash words.

Ocala, FL, October 26, 2018 --(PR.com)-- “Boy 2 Man, A Waha Story” is a bio/memoir about a kid living in poverty with no life guidance. The boy gives up on his heartfelt dreams to help with bills. Influence is your greatest friend when you’re a kid without a father. The life he chose ended him in prison blues. The time he did changed him. This is his true story.

You can also look up author James Welcome on YouTube. He does empowerment videos, with a little music and a great message. He is also writing a book in each genre, so be on the look-out for more of his work.

JW Publishing 1031 is an indie publishing company from Ocala FL, building a strong platform of authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. “Failure is only the beginning of success,” quote by Will Smith, one of CEO James Welcome's favorite quotes. More titles to come in the coming year so be on the lookout.
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James Welcome