Author Opens New Picture Book with Artwork from the Walters Art Museum

The Legend of the Fairy Stones Releases Worldwide in Spring 2019.

Baltimore, MD, October 25, 2018 --( New York and Virginia-based Morgan James Publishing, named by Publishers Weekly as one of the fastest growing independent publishers of 2018, recently acquired rights to The Legend of the Fairy Stones, a picture book by author Kelly Anne White of Baltimore, Maryland. White’s literary agent, D.J. Snell of Legacy Management, negotiated the contractual agreement.

The Legend of the Fairy Stones integrates the story of very real cross-shaped Staurolite crystals—affectionately referred to as Fairy Stones—with the fictional folktale of how these stones came to be. White retells the charming lore with a unique blend of originally authored text, which is written in lyrical verse, and whimsical illustrations digitally collaged from artworks in the public domain.

Two of those artworks are housed at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore:

White opens her book with a watercolor titled “The Fairy Tale” (ca. 1890,) by American artist George Henry Boughton, who illustrated editions of Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as well as The Scarlet Letter in the early twentieth century.

Later in White’s book is a print, also from the Walters, of a Japanese fairy inked by artist Ando Hiroshige from a series titled “Fifty-three Pairings along the TōkaidōRoad” (ca. 1845–1846).

The Legend of the Fairy Stones releases April 2019 and is now up on for pre-order.

Kelly Anne White is author of The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts (Healthy Learning/Coaches Choice, 2016). White has worked as a book editor for HarperCollins, Kirkus Media, and Christian Editor Connection, and she is an instructor at The PEN Institute. She lives in Baltimore and spends weekends on Chincoteague Bay in Virginia.
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