Guitar Neck Fret Repair Revolutionized

In today's “throw away” world, restoration will prevail. A new process to save your worn out frets.

Fogelsville, PA, October 22, 2018 --( Chaos Guitars announced it has tested and perfected a guitar fret restoration process that allows guitar players an alternative to the costly and unpredictable re-fret or neck replacement options. This process will extend the life of your guitar neck and can be performed over and over as frets continue to wear over the years. Experienced guitar players will tell you there is a distinct difference in feel and sound between a new hardly played neck and the feel of their 20-year-old favorite guitars neck. Chaos Guitars is the only custom/repair shop in the tri-state area advertising any type of fret restoration process.

According to the founder of Chaos Guitars, Dave Kite, “We have put so much time and effort into perfecting this process and, as far as we can tell, we are the only shop in the Tri-State area, and maybe further, that does restore frets. We started working on this process after I hung up my own personal favorite guitar because of badly worn frets, I didn’t want to chance a re-fret with the possibility of ruining the finger board.” He also added “This is our own process which we developed from years of experience from different industries and the beauty of it is that it came out of necessity for my own guitar and now we can offer it to our clients.”

Fret Restoration Pros:

· You keep your comfortably worn neck.
· No painting a new neck to match the body.
· No costly re-fretting.
· No worry of finger board damage.
· As of this release the restoration cost is $15-20 per fret.

Fret Restoration Cons:

· It will eventually wear again. Just as a new fret would, wear is inevitable.
Chaos Guitars
Dave Kite